I’m Wendy van Gilst

LinkedIn consultant

Grow your business & achieve your business and professional objectives with LinkedIn!

We work together with a common goal, grow your knowledge of LinkedIn and apply it right way. The different programs include Masterclasses, Strategy sessions, content reviews, blue print for strategies and consulting sessions. After the program(s) you have the knowledge to create the right content, manage audiences and communities and drive business results.

Advertising on LinkedIn to build a strong brand and generate leads

Do you want to grow your brand awareness, generate leads and find new customers within your target audiences? LinkedIn is a great place for B2B marketing. LinkedIn members have the right mindset, are easy to identify with all sorts of targeting and can be reached at every stage of the funnel. Show your audience content they care about, depending on their needs and their knowledge about your business and offerings.
Do you want to advertise on LinkedIn with a strong strategy, drive results, measure success, reach the right audiences, allocate the right budget and create performing content? Reach out to me and become an expert on LinkedIn advertising.

Grow your brand awareness, build community, generate leads and attract talent with your LinkedIn page

LinkedIn pages give businesses the opportunity the build a presence on LinkedIn. When done write a page helps you to achieve your business and marketing objectives. Your LinkedIn page is being checked and followed by all types of audiences, potential clients, clients, future clients, influencers, talent & employees. How do you make sure your content and page are relevant for all of these audiences? A strong LinkedIn page strategy and content marketing strategy are key. But this only work when your page is complete and you leverage all possible features of a LinkedIn page. Do you want to grow your business with your LinkedIn page?

Program options:

  • LinkedIn Advertising: Grow your brand awareness, build full funnel campaigns and drive high quality leads
  • LinkedIn Pages: Create a strong page to build brand awareness, community, drive leads and attract talent
  • LinkedIn Personal branding: Create professional LinkedIn Pages to build a strong personal branding

  •  LinkedIn Advertising: The basics
  •  LinkedIn Advertising: Advanced
  •  LinkedIn Advertising: Full Funnel strategy
  •  LinkedIn Pages: The basics
  •  LinkedIn Pages: Content
  •  LinkedIn Profiles
  •  LinkedIn Personal Branding

Download E-Book

The only way to drive business growth with your LinkedIn campaigns is by understanding the campaign manager and having a strong strategy. This e-book is going to focus on the basics of LinkedIn campaign manager to help you set yourself up for success. Download the e-book now and start to set up successful LinkedIn campaigns that help your business grow!