Your customers are waiting for you on LinkedIn™

Attract your ideal customer via LinkedIn™ in the way that works for your business. With your personal brand or with advertising. Or maybe both. Successful LinkedIn strategies fit your business goals and deliver real results. Don’t have your ideal customer waiting for you, reach out to them via LinkedIn!

Scrolling on LinkedIn doesn’t deliver leads, a good LinkedIn strategy does

It’s time to build a presence on LinkedIn and to leverage the huge opportunity that’s out there for you. LinkedIn is a goldmine to generate leads and find new customers. Your success doesn’t depend on the algorithm, what competitors do or the size of your network. It depends on how and when you connect with your ideal customers on LinkedIn. 

Lead generation doesn’t mean spending hours on LinkedIn™

As a business owner I know you have a lot of responsibilities and tasks. Lead generation is something that should flow. Outbound calls or mails are time consuming and results are often poor. After working at LinkedIn™ for over 5 years I’ve seen a lot of companies that struggled to generate leads. I helped a lot of these companies to set up LinkedIn™ strategies and built solid lead flows. Today these businesses are in charge of their own lead flow, they don’t have to guess anymore what works or doesn’t work.

I decide when I need more leads or not

All the knowledge and experience I’ve gained during my time at LinkedIn™, I apply to my own business too. I see the effect of a strong personal brand everyday. Because of this strong personal brand and my strategic paid LinkedIn™ campaigns I decide when I need more leads or not. Being in charge when it comes down to lead generation and attracting new customers feels like real freedom. With a good LinkedIn™ strategy, generating leads is no longer an annoying project that requires a lot of time and attention. It’s a well working machine and you decide how many leads you can manage.

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I help you

I help you

Wendy and I work together on several projects. She is a highly skilled and dedicated professional. She is pro-active and she adapted quickly to the business and set up. I recommend her to anyone looking for support from a LinkedIn™ expert.

Diane Beeharry


I help you

In a short periode of time, Wendy helped us setup an incredibly successful LinkedIn™ campaign strategy. I would not hesitate to book an introduction with her..


Niels Pel


I help you

Wendy provides valuable LinkedIn™ content strategy advice – her insights are essential for content creation. Don’t hesitate to seek her opinion for an external perspective on your work! She’s In!

Valentin Secchi 

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