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Grow your business & achieve your business and professional objectives with LinkedIn™!

LinkedIn™ Consultant

Hello, I’m Wendy

After working at LinkedIn™ for over 5 years, helping enterprise businesses to advertise on LinkedIn™ for marketing & employer branding objectives, it is time to share my knowledge with you and your business! LinkedIn™ is one of the key channels for B2B marketing. Companies build strong brands, engaged communities, generate quality leads and attract talent. Achieving these goals require a strong strategy and knowledge.

Growing your business with LinkedIn™, how does this work?

You have a LinkedIn™ profile and you post content. You often hear LinkedIn™ is a great place to find new customers. But, why aren’t seeing those results? LinkedIn™ is a great place to make this connection with your target audience. There are 3 ways to reach your target audience:
  • Via your personal brand & profile: People trust you because you have a strong presence and they learn from you
  • Via your LinkedIn™ page. You build a presence for your company to create brand awareness, community, lead generation and find talent
  • By advertising. You can reach specific audiences and serve them the right ads.
I can help you to build a strong presence on LinkedIn™ with your profile and your LinkedIn™ page. Together we identify what fits you and your business and we set up a strategy which makes it easy to post the right content and engage with the right people. Besides of your profile, the profiles of your employees play an important role for business growth as well. Key for them is to understand what the value to them is first. When they understand this, we can focus on building strong personal brands. When the organic part is in place you can start to reach out to new audiences by advertising. I will help you to set up funnel campaigns for the right audience with the right budget. You will drive valuable results with the investment that fits your business. Do you want to learn more? Reach out to me.

Grow your LinkedIn™ knowledge and experience at your own pace.

Every customer and ever business is different. Some already have a lot of experience, others just get started. Some work with an agency, others have in house experts. Some businesses are small others are big. But, they all have one thing in common, the opportunity to leverage LinkedIn™ to grow their business. I believe in strong relationships with my costumers and this starts with finding out what your business needs. You might need in dept training and consulting or just a couple of hours consulting. Or you need your teams to get inspired. My passion is to bring my LinkedIn™ knowledge over to you in a way that it fits your business. Because this is the first step towards driving results! Reach out to me to find out how we can work together.

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The only way to drive business growth with your LinkedIn™ campaigns is by understanding the campaign manager and having a strong strategy. This e-book is going to focus on the basics of LinkedIn™ campaign manager to help you set yourself up for success. Download the e-book now and start to set up successful LinkedIn™ campaigns that help your business grow!