Social Selling Experts LinkedIn Group

Social Selling is still very new for a lot of companies and people. But, I also found out people are very eager to learn about Social Selling.
I’m a strong believer of sharing knowledge and experience. That’s why I have my own blog and YouTube channel. After the LinkedIn Social Selling roadshow I started to think about scaling knowledge sharing. People love to learn from other people and they prefer to learn from people they know and trust. People also like to spend time in communities and groups with people who have similar interests, similar questions, knowledge and experience. That’s why I decided the set up a LinkedIn Group called: Social Selling Experts.

Finding people with a lot of experience around Social Selling is still challenging. Mainly because Social Selling is so new. But also because running a Social Selling program in a business is full time job. And becoming a Social Seller is a big change of behavior. Social Selling takes; time, a good understanding of the different Social Media channels, a good understanding of your customers and prospects and a good personal brand.

But, I do believe Social Selling is here to stay and it is getting more important everyday. Everybody in a company is a Social Seller and I believe everybody can benefit from this. In there daily job, to attract talent to the company or to grow their career.

Because Social Selling is still so new we need to work together. We need to share experience and help each other to be successful. I’ve created the Social Selling Expert LinkedIn Group for you. Because I believe a LinkedIn Group is a safe environment where we can built relationships, trust each other and make each other more successful.

LinkedIn Group are private which is great but it means you need to request access. After you get access you are part of the group you can add people to the group as well. Make sure you join soon, sharing is caring and together we can be successful!