Read this if you want a successful LinkedIn page!

LinkedIn pages are a key element of your social media strategy. Whether you are a small startup or a massive enterprise, people will search for your company on LinkedIn. This means you need to make the right impression on your page. Pages admins know that the page needs to be complete and up to date with the right information but, when this is done LinkedIn pages are often a place where people dump organic content. Multiple people with different objectives post content on the page because it is free, an easy way to reach people or because they’ve been asked to post something. Most successful LinkedIn pages have a clear strategy behind them. When you write your LinkedIn page strategy there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

Understand your audience

All your organic followers made the decision to click on the follow button. Maybe because they saw the company content in their feed, maybe they want to work for the company or maybe because they were part of a target audience in a sponsored campaign. All those followers have something in common, they want to hear more from the company. When your audience is still small it is smart to share content that is interesting for almost all of the followers. Very often this is no product-specific content but content people can learn from or adds value to them. When your audience is bigger you can use the targeting options to make sure you share relevant content with your audience. This can be based on for example; language, company size or job title. By targeting specific audiences with specific content you can be highly relevant.

A (big) part of your audience are your colleagues

O yes, whether you like it or not, your colleagues are part of your audience. And don’t get me wrong, I believe this is a good thing. This means you can reach your colleagues with interesting content about your company. Your colleagues can share the content with their network which helps to increase the reach of your company content. The more interesting and relevant the content is, the more likely your colleagues will be to share it. This means you can ask your colleagues for feedback on the content.

People want to learn and educate themselves on the LinkedIn platform

Even when you understand the different audiences and you know part of the audience might be interested in buying your products or services they still don’t want to see only product updates. The most successful LinkedIn pages almost never talk about their products. They share content that educates people, entertains people or adds value to them. But also content that shows who the people are behind the company, so followers really get to know the company. This is why a content strategy is a key to success.

Analytics are there to help you

No LinkedIn page can be successful without the use of analytics. Use analytics to understand who your followers are (what % of your followers are your colleagues?) and what type of new followers do you attract with your content? Analytics not only give you insights into your followers but also in the performance of your content. What type of content works very well and what type of content doesn’t work? These types of insights are extremely valuable when you create new content. And on top of this, you can also learn who the visitors are on your page. What are the trends you see in visitors and how can you influence this?

Followers are real people

Behind that, (big) number of followers sit real people. Real people that you (as a company) can interact with. Use this opportunity! Ask questions, opinions or insights. But also listen to people’s comments, questions, and feedback and answer them. A successful LinkedIn page can never be one-way communication. Expect interactions and conversations and take the time for them. Think about the tone of voice of your company when you interact with people. Do you want to be funny, casual or do you want to use a business language? Nothing is wrong or right, as long as you are consistent.

A successful LinkedIn page takes time and investment but is extremely valuable for your company. It will help you to attract (new) customers, talent and it will engage your colleagues. So what are you waiting for, write your LinkedIn page strategy!


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