Goodbye Dublin, this is what I’ve learned from you in the last 4 years

After almost 4 years of living in Dublin, it is time for me to leave the place that feels like home. Dublin is an amazing city to live in and I highly recommend people to move to Dublin. In the last 4 years, I’ve learned a lot about living in Dublin and about living abroad. Out of all the things I’ve learned, these are my favorite ones:

Go out of your comfort zone

When you put yourself out of your comfort zone you grow as a person. When I moved to Dublin 4 years ago I not only started a new job, everything in my life was new. The country, the language, the job, even my home was new! My manager was Irish and I couldn’t understand a word of what he was saying. (this got better really quick). I was very lucky to move together with my partner Jean Paul which made coming home to a new place, feel like coming home, straight away. But you still do a lot of things alone and you really have to trust yourself to find your way in your new hometown. This process helped me realize that if I can start a new life in a new country everything else will be easy. Traveling all by myself to new places wasn’t scary anymore! I was more relaxed flying to different countries, across different time zones, I knew I would find my way. This is only one example of the benefits of going out of your comfort zone, but overall I can say, you grow as a person like crazy.

Trust yourself

This might sound strange if you’ve never experienced the feeling of trusting yourself in a completely new way. In the basic, I think we always think we trust ourselves. Well, I did trust myself before I moved to Dublin but I always preferred to do things with other people. Going for food in a place, travel, meet up’s etc. When I moved to Dublin I had to do things by myself. I had only myself around to make the (right) decisions. In the last 4 years, I’ve really got to know myself and I know now that I can trust myself. This helps me to be more confident but also to build better relationships with other people.

You can do what you want

Dublin is the place for opportunities. 4 years ago I couldn’t even imagine what was possible. I started in a semi junior role to learn the basic of the tech industry. From day 1 I worked on my personal brand and I’ve always set goals for myself. Dublin is a place full of talented people, who are all very open to help and support others. But Dublin is also a place where you have to stand up and tell people what it is that you want. And when you know exactly what you want, you can get it, as long as you’re willing to work for it. 4 years ago I started with not even half of the experience that I have right now and I will leave Dublin as global social media marketing manager. In Dublin, you can do what you want, you work hard and make dreams come true!

Making new friends

Coming from a small town in the Netherlands I always had a small group of good friends. (luckily enough I still have a lot of these amazing friends left). Before I moved I didn’t meet many new people on a weekly or monthly basis. And if I did meet with new people, those people where often friends from friends. Moving to Dublin opened up a whole new world for me. I’ve met new people every day. People from all over the world with different backgrounds, different stories, and different opinions. I made a lot of new friendships and I’ve learned that friendship sometimes means saying goodbye but often means I see you soon somewhere around the world. I feel incredibly lucky that I met all of these people in the last 4 years. All the interesting conversations I’ve had and all new opinions I’ve formed based on these conversations. Dublin is a great place to learn about different cultures, countries, and religions. And let’s not forget about the Irish people, who are the most friendly and open people in Europe!

If you think about moving to Dublin, even it is only crossing your mind for a split second, please do it. Travel light, you don’t need much when you move to Dublin. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, trust yourself. Be open to new people and new insights. Build your personal brand, follow your dream and make it happen.

I’m sad to leave Dublin but Dublin gave me everything I needed to start with a new role at the company that was always the highest on my wishlist. Thank you, Dublin for being incredible, inspiring, friendly, open, amazing and most of all, a real home for the last 4 years.

For the last time, with love, from Dublin…

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