The importance of always on Social Media campaigns

Social Media needs to be at the heart of every company. Social Media profiles are the face of a company and are represented in every department (HR, Sales, Support, Marketing ect) Unfortunately in a lot of companies, Social Media is still an afterthought. Social advertising budgets are often based on the investment that’s left over and when companies are short on marketing investment they often skip Social Media for a quarter (or longer). Interesting enough are these companies disappointed when they don’t results, like revenue or leads coming from their Social Media activities. Social Media is not a tactic that you can switch on or off based on investment or time. Companies who are successful with Social Media marketing have always on campaigns and plan social media campaigns based on years, not weeks or months. There are a couple of reasons why always on campaigns are so important:

The buying cycle

Buyers are somewhere in the buying cycle when companies try to reach them with their ads. This means the social ad needs to match their need based on the stage they are in, in the buying cycle. When companies switch on and off campaigns (because of a budget for example) they don’t know where their buyers are in the cycle. On top of this, companies want to see fast results from their Social Media campaigns which mean they often serve their prospects bottom of the funnel ads. If the prospect is not in that stage of the buying cycle (maybe they don’t even know the company) they will never click on the ad. Companies who have always on campaigns nurture their prospects along the cycle and know exactly where their prospects are in the buying cycle. These companies give their prospects the time to get to know the companies and prospects.

Relevance score on the platforms

Every ad that goes live across platforms get’s scored with a relevance score. This is score is based on the relevance of the ad for the target audience, the amount of text in the ad, number of clicks etc. The higher the relevance score of a company on a platform the more often the ad gets served to the target audience. The relevance score also influences the cost per click and when the ad gets served against competitors. A good relevance score is extremely important for Social Media campaign successes. When a company is switching Social Media campaigns on and off the relevance score drops. This is because the platform thinks the company is less relevant for the audience (there is no consistency). The result: more expensive campaigns and fewer results.

Brand awareness

Social Media campaigns help to stay to of mind. A large percentage of the audience that companies try to reach is not (yet) in the buying cycle and not interested in buying products or services. This doesn’t mean they won’t be ready in 3 or 6 months. It is really important for companies to stay top of mind with their prospects. Always on campaigns help companies to get in front of people with awareness messaging. Companies who engage with their prospects in a way, by adding value to people, are more likely (in the long term) the turn followers and brand fans into paying customers. Always on campaigns help to nurture prospects but also help companies to understand when prospects are ready for the next stage of the cycle.

Does your company have always on Social Media campaigns?

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