Questions I get asked most: Living in Dublin

I’m writing this blog post after a very warm and sunny weekend. When people think about Ireland and Dublin (especially people who never been here) they think about rain. And yes, I think the weather is one of the things I complain to most about in Dublin. But is this because the weather is so bad, or because it is the only thing to complain about? These are the questions I get asked most about living in Dublin:

Why did you move to Dublin?

I moved to Dublin 3,5 years ago. My boyfriend, Jean Paul, was offered an interesting job and we decided to move to Dublin. Before we moved to Dublin I worked in retail in fashion and studied Marketing & Communication. I wanted a change in my career and the IT industry sounded like a great opportunity (and it is). Before we moved I got a job offered at a big IT company and together we started our adventure in Dublin.

Is it easy to find a job in Dublin?

Yes and no. If you are interested in the IT industry and you are willing to work hard, the answer is yes. If you speak multiple languages in Dublin you can choose between multiple sales related jobs. If you have a background in marketing, recruitment or customer support this is very similar. Outside of the IT industry, finding a job can be more difficult. But when you speak multiple languages and you have a “work hard, play hard” mentality you will love it!

What makes jobs in Dublin different from other countries?

With my interest in Social Media, Dublin is definitely the place to be for me. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, they all have their European head offices in Dublin. And big IT companies like Sage, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle heavily invest in digital marketing. To me, Dublin is the place in Europe where the “Social Media Marketing magic” happens. It is a city with a lot of very smarter marketers and very experienced people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. The international environment makes it easy to connect with people. When you work hard, you have a lot of work-related opportunities in Dublin. People who move to Dublin grow their careers quite fast because of the growth in the companies and the experience and knowledge you find on a daily basis.

What is the best part of living in Dublin?

I’m pretty sure everybody will answer this questions with the same answer: the people. I believe (and a lot of my international friends and colleagues will agree with me) that Irish people are the most friendly people in Europe. No other country or city is as open, welcoming or friendly as the Irish one. People always say that you can go to a pub by yourself and you will make friends, this is very true. The Irish are always open and interested in learning more about other cultures and countries. But it is not only the Irish that makes living in Dublin nice. Dublin attracts a lot of people from all over the world which means that you work in a very international environment, I think this is the most inspiring environments you can work in. I’ve learned so much about different cultures and habits in the last 3.5 year!

What would you recommend if people think about moving to Dublin?

Just do it! Dublin airport has a lot of direct flights to a lot of city in Europe and outside Europe so you can always go home when needed. The experience of living in Dublin is probably one of the best experiences you will have in life. It is good to step out of your comfort zone to live in a different country and city. Dublin is a very welcoming city with a lot of people who are very willing to give you the same experience as I have!

So, when do I see you in Dublin?

With love, from Dublin…


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