Social Sellers, don’t get lost in “content rules”

Content is key for social selling success. As a social seller, you have to share the right content to be successful. When you only share company content you are a very boring person to follow. But if you don’t share company content you don’t get leads and inquiries from your social media activities. So how do you know what type of content you should share?

A lot of people, including myself, like to use “Social Selling content rules”. I believe the 4-1-1 rule is the right rule to follow for social sellers. I’m a strong believer of building a personal brand. When you use the 4-1-1 rule you share 4 pieces of third party content, 1 piece of personal content and 1 piece of company content. Interesting is, when you do research online around content, you find several content rules like the 3-2-1 rule where you share 3 pieces of smart content, 2 pieces of proud content and 1 piece of successful content and many others. So how do you know you use the “right” rule for your social selling activities? In other words, who is wrong and who is right?

I don’t believe that one rule is better than they other. All these “content rules” are very similar when you look at the approach they take. Every rule gives you the following guides in different formats:

Find balance between third party content and company content

Nobody likes to follow people who only share company content. If people are interested in the company they will follow the company accounts. When you share third party content you build your personal brand and people trust you. The more people trust you the more willing they are to read your company content. Third party content is extremely important and should be part of all social sellers content plan.

Be a human

People buy from people. It is really important that your content shows you are a real human and not a bot. Yes, people want to learn from you and read interesting articles. But they also want to laugh or get emotional when they see your content. This helps to build relationships.

Listen before you share

Yes, your profile is owned by you so you can share what you want to share but if you want to be successful with social selling you have to listen to your customers and prospects and share content that adds value to them. People nowhere days have so many options when it comes to consuming content that they make the rules now. If you want to be successful with social selling it is key to understand your customers and their needs.


Social Selling and Social Media should be fun. It should make you smarter, more successful and better connected. Rules are handy to keep in mind but should never take away the fun of social selling!

What do you think of all “content rules” you see for social selling? And do practice a rule of do you freestyle when it comes to social selling 😉

With love, from Dublin…

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