Questions I get asked most: Personal branding

Personal branding is a hot topic for a lot of professionals and I completely understand why. Nowhere days it is important for everybody to have an online personal brand. And although is sounds all very easy, I still get a lot of questions from people. In this blog post, I will answer some of the most-asked questions about personal branding.

Why should you have an online personal brand?

Social Selling and personal branding are very closely related. You can never be successful with social selling if you don’t have a strong online personal brand. For me, there are 3 main reasons why every professional should have an online brand:

  1. To get your dream job. Yes, your online brand will help you to get your dream job. When you apply for a role, companies will look at your online presence. Your personal brand will help you to stand out when you apply for a role. On top of this, you can use your network and brand to get in contact with people who already work in your dream company. This means you can build relationships before you even start the interview process!
  2. To get promoted. Another great reason to have a strong personal brand; you get promoted faster. The better people know you and understand what you are good at, the easier it is for your manager to give you a promotion. Your online brand shows your knowledge and experience which helps people to trust you. And the more people trust you the more willing they are you give you a promotion!
  3. To be more successful in your role. Your personal brand helps you to be more successful in your current role. Sales people with a high SSI score close more deals and hit targets faster and easier. This doesn’t only work for sales people. Entrepreneurs grow their business faster because of their online personal brand and professional in several industries benefit from the strong and relevant network they build because of their brand.

Where do I get started with my personal brand?

If you want to build your personal brand it is important to understand your current brand. You can see this by simply googling your name and see what shows up. This is what other people see as well when they search for you. Make sure you delete inactive and in relevant social media profiles. A big misunderstanding is that a personal brand only means having a good LinkedIn profile. This is wrong. When you start to build your personal brand it is important to understand which channels the people use that you want to reach. Are the people active on LinkedIn or maybe Twitter or Instagram? When you’ve picked your focus channels you have to make sure you make your profile complete. Use a professional profile picture, make sure people can find your name easily, explain why people should follow you or connect with you and share contact details.

What type of content should I share?

The key to success is the be consistent when you share content. A lot of people start very enthusiastic and share a lot of content for a couple of days and then stop.  Make sure you have a constant flow of content. I like to use the 4-1-1 rule for content sharing. If you share 6 pieces of content per day or per week (this depends on the platform and your personal goals) you share 4 pieces of content from 3rd party companies, like or, that are informative for the market or industry you are selling into (or the people you want to reach). This helps you to build trust. When people can learn from you and enjoy your content they are more willing to trust you. The more they trust you the more willing they are to talk with you. 1 piece of content is personal, to show the real human behind the profile. This can be a picture of a team activity or event. It depends per channel how personal you can be. The last piece of content is specific to the company you work for or the products you try to sell. Because of the quality of the content you share, people will trust you and this means they will be more likely to click on your product-specific piece of content as well.

Do you have other questions about your personal brand?

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