What we can learn from successful Instagram users?

Instagram is the fastest growing Social Media platform which makes it an extremely interesting platform for a lot of companies and people. Personally, I’m fascinated by very successful Instagram users. One of my favorite examples is Negin Mirsalehi (not only because she is Dutch ;-)) who will soon hit the 4 million followers. And of course, she is one of the few who will be this successful, but we can learn a lot of successful users like her. The strategies and tips below can help us achieve our own IG goals. (Which I guess, will not be, getting 1 million followers, but we’ll see).

Have a strategy

When your goal is  to grow engagement with your followers it is important to have a strategy behind what you do. What do you want to share with your followers, what story do you want to tell? But also think about the look and feel, how should your timeline look? Which filters do you want to use? And just as important, what is your goal with Instagram? Having a lot of followers should never be the goal of your  profile, make sure you know what you want to achieve with your follower base. Otherwise, you will never get engagement from your followers and you will lose followers very quickly.

Be consistent

Have you heard this before? I mention this very, very often because it is so important. Consistency is key for success. For Instagram this means, consistency in how often you post (ideally at least once per day) but also consistency in the type of images and filters you use. When people know what they can expect on your profile they will be more likely to follow your profile and to engage with your images (likes and comments). If you find it difficult to post during a busy week it can help to use a content calendar or plan. I like to select images during the weekend for the coming week. Especially during the winter, when daylight is limited, this can be very helpful.

Build a community

A lot of successful IG users have a community of followers. When you check the comments you see that followers interact with each other and answer each other questions. The best way to build a community is to make your followers part of what you do. Stories and live video are the perfect IG features to do this. With Instagram live you can have conversations with your followers. Users like Negin use IG live for Q&A sessions to interact with their followers in real time. So don’t be afraid to use the camera on your phone!

Use new features

As mentioned above, IG live and stories are very valuable to build your IG community. These are new features that are only available since a couple of months/weeks. By the time you read this, there is a good chance that a new feature will be available soon. Make sure you use these new features from the moment they are released. This will help you to stand out, which is important on a crowded platform like Instagram!

Spend time on other profiles

People need to find your profile. And yes, they can find your profile when you use the right hashtags. But on top of this, it is important that you visit other profiles as well. And when you do this, you need to like and comment on other pictures. Have conversations with people and build relationships. This is very similar on every social media platform. Nobody likes to follow people who only broadcast (about themselves). I’ve tested this myself and interacting with people on a daily basis really helps to build your community. You can watch the results of my test here.

Do you have other tips to be successful with Instagram? Let me know 🙂

With love, from Dublin..

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