The 5 questions I get asked most: Finishing a marathon

The 5 questions I get most asked is a new series of blog posts where I will answer questions about social media, social selling, running, a sugar-free life, living in Dublin etc.  I always enjoy answering your questions and in this blog, I will answer some of the questions I get around running a marathon.

Question 1: You run a marathon under 4 hours, that is fast, right?

I get this question a lot from people who don’t run. And it is funny, people seem to see the 4-hour mark as an indicator of running a marathon fast (or not). When I trained for my marathon I had no idea what to expect as a finish time. Based on my training sessions I was hoping for a sub 4-hour finish but I didn’t know if this was realistic since I never run more than 33 kilometres. I didn’t know what to expect those last kilometres! During my marathon, up to 35 kilometres, I was pacing for a finish time of 3.45h. The last kilometres were intensive and I slowed down. When I saw the finish line I managed to sprint and to finish in 3.59.15h. So yes, I finished under 4 hours, with only 15 sec. Does this mean I ran a fast marathon, I don’t know. I’m happy with my time, that’s the most important.

Question 2: A marathon in The Netherlands, was it is easy because it is a flat country?

I ran a marathon in the Netherlands for several reasons. I wanted to make my own breakfast, I wanted to have “ok” weather and I wanted to run for a charity. And yes, the fact that it is a flat country was something that I liked as well. My training in Dublin was intense because of the weather and the hills. And I knew that the weather in the Netherlands would be better. Unfortunately, it was very stormy in the Netherlands and the last kilometres I had the wind from the front. I was prepared for this because of the training in Dublin.  So, was it easy to run in the Netherlands because the country is flat? It helped yes, but that doesn’t mean it was easy!

Question 3: Where the last kilometres difficult?

I have a short and sweet answer; Yes! Of course, the last kilometres were difficult. I think that’s the whole idea of running a marathon. I didn’t expect them to be as hard as they actually were. Running a marathon is completely different from training runs. I experienced that a 30-kilometre run is doable. Every kilometre after 35km is hard. But, I managed to run the full marathon without stopping, something I’m really proud of!

Question 4: Where you tired after the marathon?

Yes, I was and I was sore. I was expecting this so that was not really a surprise. The thing surprised me the most was the feeling after a couple of days. I didn’t felt sore anymore, I was able to run again but I was exhausted. For 2 weeks, I went to work every day, came home, had food and sit on the sofa doing nothing. I had no energy to write blog posts, cook nice dinners, meet up with people. One morning I arrived at work and I wanted to cry for no reason. I was exhausted, and it didn’t felt great. But, the good news is that this feeling is over now. And, as you can see, I started to write blogs again 🙂

Question 5: Would you do it again?

Yes, I think I would do it again. But not now. Maybe at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year. I really enjoyed the training sessions and I really enjoyed the marathon and everything around it. I hated the feeling after the marathon and it scared me a bit. At the moment I really enjoy running without the pressure of training for a marathon. I want to spend more time in the gym to get my strength back and running long distances with strength training isn’t a great combination. So for now, I focus on this and maybe in a couple of months I will start thinking about a marathon again.

If you have other questions for me, please share them so I can try to answers these as well!

With love, from Dublin..

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