The 5 questions I get most asked: Getting started with Social Media for your business

In this new series, I’m going to answer questions that I get most often around topics like; social selling, social media, sugar-free lifestyle, living in Dublin, you name it. Having an online personal brand means I get a lot of questions from people and I love this! I really enjoy answering questions to help others to be successful. If you have specific questions for me, which you want to get answered in one of my blogs, send them to me, and I will try to answer them all! In this blog, I will answer 5 most asked questions about; getting started with Social Media for your business.

Question 1: Should I use Facebook for my business?

I get this question a lot and my answer is always the same, I don’t know! Yes, Facebook is an important platform for a lot of businesses. I believe, globally, businesses spend on average most of their paid social media budget on Facebook. But this doesn’t mean Facebook will work for your business. You need to understand which channels your customers use before you pick your channels. Based on which channels your customers use, you select your social media channels. Make sure you test several social media channels before you make the final decision. And even when you found the perfect channels for your business, don’t forget to keep an eye on new platforms and innovations.

Question 2: What is the right time to share content on social media?

The right time for your business might be completely different from other businesses. This is dependant on when your customers are active on social media. When you target business owners, you probably don’t reach them during the day, when they are busy. This is different when you want to reach teenagers, they are active on social media during the day. When you share content on social media, think about the people you want to reach, do they have time to read or watch your content? And don’t forget about the weekends, this is a massive opportunity that a lot of businesses forget about utilising.

Question 3: Should I schedule content for my business?

Yes, consistency is key for social media success. Scheduling content helps you to be consistent, especially when you are very busy and you don’t have much time for social media. But, don’t forget to check your social media channels for interactions. You need to interact with people when they interact with your content. Besides of this, you still need to share some social media posts that are “in the moment” and real time. This helps you to be a real human on social media. On top of checking in on your scheduled content, you have to interact with other people’s content otherwise, you are just a boring content machine.

Question 4: Is a LinkedIn profile important for a business owner when I have company profiles?

Of course! Everybody needs a LinkedIn profile in my opinion. Your personal brand will benefit your business and a LinkedIn profile is an important part of everybody’s professional brand. A good LinkedIn profile will help you to build relationships with other people which can help you to find new customers.

Question 5: Should I hire a social media marketing manager?

This depends on your business. But, social media is a full-time job for a lot of businesses. If you don’t have a dedicated social media manager in your business, you can not expect the same results as a business how does. Social media is the face of your company and this makes it a very important part of your business. A good social media manager will make sure your business has a good presence, will manage paid social media campaigns correctly and will understand and spot new opportunities.

Do you have another question related to starting with social media for your business, let me know!
With love, from Dublin..

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