Instagram stories, Facebook live, Snapchat stories, which one should you use?

Last week Facebook launched Facebook stories. I think nobody was surprised. A couple of weeks ago we saw stories showing up in Whatsapp. For me, this was a clear sign that Facebook was following soon. Stories across all platforms seem to be a great success. We as users love to share stories, especially when they disappear in 24 hours. It creates urgency. The urgency for us to make sure we check our friend’s profiles to know exactly what they are doing right now. And the urgency to make sure we spend enough time on the platforms. With the role out of Facebook stories we know have a lot of channels to use to broadcast our (live) content.

  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook live
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram live
  • Twitter live
  • Whatsapp stories
  • Snapchat stories
  • YouTube live

I wouldn’t be surprised if I miss one by the time you read this. A lot of choices when you want to do a live video or story and I can imagine you ask yourself the question, which one should I use? Well, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you pick your platform(s) but let me make one thing clear straight away, don’t try to use the all! When you don’t have a complete team of social media managers working on the accounts and you are doing this all by yourself, never try to be everywhere. Stay laser focused on a few platforms and be successful on these.

Listen and understand what your target audience wants

It doesn’t matter if you want to use live video or stories for your business, for social selling or for personal use, this is the same for all; find out where the people are who you want to reach. Do you want to do stories or video for your friends and family? I’m pretty sure Facebook will work for you. But Facebook is probably not the right channel for social selling purpose. It is really important that you listen to the people you want to reach and that you understand which platforms they like to use. These are the people who decide which platform will help you to be successful.

Check your follower base

It makes sense to focus on the platforms where you already have followers. The more followers you have, the more people you will reach with your stories or live video. If you don’t have any YouTube followers it might be better not to do a live video from this channel. And also check which platforms are most used for live video or stories. Facebook recently rolled out stories but I see that almost none of my Facebook friends is using the feature. This means there is a lower chance they will watch the stories as well.

Check features

Although the functionality of all platforms is very similar, there still is a difference in features across the different platforms. The filters are very different but also some functionality. Make sure you understand the different functions before you start to use the platform actively. Snapchat doesn’t show you number of views, Facebook and Instagram do. Is this important for you or not? This is just a small example but it can help you to pick the channel with the most value for you. Test the platforms first before you make your final decision.

Use two channels at the same time

Yes, if you want you can use two channels at the same time. Especially for live video. I have two mobile phones and I have no problem doing a Facebook live video at the same time as an Instagram live video. Personally, I wouldn’t share the same stories across channels. This might be boring for your followers. But when you are live from a very interesting place or with a very interesting message there is nothing wrong with using two platforms for your live videos at the same time!

What are your experiences with stories and live video content?

With love, from Dublin..

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