This is what companies, who use Social Media successful, have in common

Social Media is a massive opportunity for businesses. But having social media profiles for your business doesn’t mean you get value out of it. Having a social media presence it not enough to build awareness, to generate leads or to sell your products. And although the results don’t lie, still a lot of companies seem to think that posting content is enough to be successful with social media. Often social media is seen as something that needs to be done when everything else is finished. Companies still hire interns to manage their social media channels, which is a very strange decision if you think that your social media presence is the face of your company! But the good news is that there are companies that get it when it comes to social media. And this is what they have in common:

The have a social media marketing manager(s)

Companies who are successful with social media have a social media professional in-house. When you have the resource in-house you can leverage the full skill set of this professional and you know they are focused on your company only. (which is often not the case with an agency) Depending on the size of the company you might want to have multiple social media managers who focus on different parts of social media. But one thing is very clear for all successful businesses, social media is never part of somebodies job. Social media is a full-time job with a complete strategy, KPI’s and a budget.

They listen first

Yes, for social media success you have to listen to what people say. First of all, you need to understand which platforms are used by your customers and prospects. The second step is to listen to the conversations they have and the content they share to know what you should share to be relevant. You can never share interesting content if you don’t know what interests your customers and prospects! Companies who use social media successful often have a proper social listening strategy in place. They use, on a daily basis, the data they get from social media.

They don’t talk about themselves 

Nobody likes to listen to people who only talk about themselves. We like to listen to people who we can learn from, people we can laugh with, people who tell stories and people who help us. This is exactly the same for companies on social media. Social media is not the place to talk about your products and services all the time. This is boring. When you look at the content of successful businesses it is always very interesting, funny or educational content. It is important to understand that your business content not only competes with your competitors but also with the content of the friends and family of your customers. Is your content as interesting as a wedding picture or a baby picture?

They don’t sell via social media

This might sound weird, social media needs to drive revenue right? Well, yes social media will drive revenue but it is very difficult to do this straight away. Social media supports your other channels to drive sales, it helps to grow your brand awareness, it educates your prospects and customers so they create a need for your products or services. But it is very difficult to sell your product straight via Facebook or Instagram. This is, of course, is different for B2C e-commerce. But most of the successful companies influence people on social media and retarget people on social media, they never sell straight away.

They innovate and leverage new features

Facebook stories launched this week! Successful companies jump on new features like this straight away. A good social media strategy is flexible and has lots of room for innovation and new features. This not only shows that you as a business understand the platform, it also makes you interesting as a company. This comes back to the point that you need a professional who manages your social media activities. This person has a good understanding of the new platforms and is well informed about the newest features and innovations.

They are not afraid to fail (in public)

Social media can be scary. Especially because your content can reach a lot of people. This is a good thing if something goes viral that is really good but it can also be a negative thing when something goes viral which you wish it didn’t… Successful companies try new things, they are not afraid to fail. And even if they fail, in public, they make fun of it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it shows your company is human. And this will help with your social media success!

Are you ready for social media success?

With love, from Dublin…


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