Why Social Selling is like training for a marathon

I finished my first marathon last week. And this week I realised how similar Social Selling and training for a marathon are. If you’ve never trained for a marathon this might sound strange so let me explain why this is so similar. And don’t worry, you don’t have to run a marathon to be successful with Social Selling 😉

Get the basics right

Before you start to train for a marathon you need to learn how to run. Nobody runs a marathon without learning how to run. And there is more than only learning how to run. You need to buy running shoes and running gear. This means you need to get the basics right. This is very similar with Social Selling. When you start with Social Selling you need to learn how to use your Social Media channels for Social Selling. And this is not all, you also need to get your Social Media profile ready for Social Selling. It is important for both running and Social Selling that you get help and training from a professional. Getting the basics right is key to success.

Dedication is key

A marathon training needs dedication. You need to follow a training schedule and this means you need to run several times per week. When you miss a training you know it will be more difficult to achieve your goal, finishing the marathon. This is the same for Social Selling. For success, it is really important that you are consistent with your activities. The less often you share content or interact with people the lower your results will be.

Take your time

A marathon training takes months. You train months for the final day. Again, this is the same for Social Selling, you need to give yourself time to get everything right and to get better at it. Yes, Social Selling success takes time. It is really important that you keep this in mind. A lot of people give up on Social Selling when they don’t see results in a couple of weeks. This is also the point where the real Social Selling starts to see successes and the less motivate people loose the value of Social Selling.

Make time

Training for a marathon means making time for your runs. This sometimes means that you have to plan around your training. But overall it is really important that you make time for your training. This is very similar for Social Selling, you need to make time for it. Plan your workday and make sure Social Selling is part of it. Scheduling tools like Hootsuite or TweetDeck are perfect when you are busy during the day but you want to make sure you share content. Just make sure you find time to interact with people, this is something you can’t schedule…

You get addicted to it

The last thing which I think is very similar is the addiction you get for it. Running makes you addicted, especially when you train for a marathon. You want to go further and longer everytime you run. This is the same with Social Selling. The more you use Social Selling the more you will enjoy it. And before you know you get can image that you’ve done your work without it!

What is your experience with Social Selling or with training for a marathon?

With love, from Dublin…

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