Marathon update 12: Last days before the marathon

Only a few days left before the marathon. Only a few days until I fly home and I have to run 42.195km. It is coming so close now and it makes me both nervous and exciting. I’m very proud of the fact that I raised more than 1000 euro for cancer research, which is a great motivation. So what is going on in the last days before the marathon?

After last weekend I haven’t been running much. I try to take it easy but it is difficult. I know I have to take rest to let my body fully recover from all training but it feels a bit like giving up before the race! The interesting thing about running long distances is that it gives you the confidence that you can run a marathon. When you stop running the long distances the confidence get a bit less. (but nothing to worry about ;-)).

And the eating part, well what shall I say? It is nice to eat more than you normally do, I’m sure everybody would enjoy. But it feels weird because I’m not as hungry as I normally am when I run more kilometers in a week. But I’m not complaining, I just eat some more nice food. I haven’t decided yet what I will eat after my run but I have my fig bread ready for the run itself. Preparing gives rest and rest is what I need as well. I sleep like a baby, it is unbelievable! I sleep every night between 8-9 hours and I could easily do more. So who said preparing for a marathon is hard work?

Another thing that I notice during this last week is that I check myself every morning. I ask myself a lot of questions like; do I feel a cold coming, do I have a head deck, are my legs ok etc. I’ve never focused as much on my body as I do right now. It makes sense of course, in the end you never know what influences your marathon results, but lets hope it’s not a cold!

And than the weather.. I have a love/hate relationship with the weather. I love summer and sun and I hate winter and rain. (very surprising ;-)) Well the weather forecast isn’t great for Sunday. Some rain is excepted to fall. But, on the bright side, I live in Dublin so I can deal with some rain. The weather doesn’t look too bad and lets be honest a lot of sun would be lovely for the supporters but very hard for the runners since we haven’t had much time to train in warm (er) condition.

So what shall I say, I’m excited for the weekend. I’m happy to go home on Friday and have time on Saturday to spend with my mom. I’m happy that my boyfriend flies over to come and see me on Sunday. I have no reason to complain, I’m ready for the marathon. So lets agree that we meet again after I finished the marathon?

With love, on running shoes, from Dublin.. 

4 thoughts on “Marathon update 12: Last days before the marathon

  1. Hi Wendy, interessant om te lezen! Ik train voor mijn eerste marathon en ook ik zamel geld in, specifiek voor KWF Kankerbestrijding. Mijn eerste marathon loop ik op 15 april, dat is dus over 4 weken en 2 dagen. Daarom erg leuk om jouw verhaal te lezen. Welke marathon loop je?

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