Marathon update 11: 9 days left before the marathon

9 days left before the marathon, it is coming very close now! So what can I say about the last days besides of the fact that I slept a lot? Well of course, I did more than only sleeping but I do notice my body needs a lot more sleep than normally. The long distance runs are over, the focus is on food and rest. Best part of the training I would say 😉

Last Saturday I went for a 19 km run. The weather was nice in the morning, Yes, I had sun during my run, can you believe it?! The lasts weeks have been pretty bad, weather wise, in Dublin. We had a lot of rain and wind so felling the sun on my face made this run really nice. I did a nice and easy 19km run and I really enjoyed it! After the run I felt good and my legs felt strong. On Sunday I went to the gym to do some stretching and cycling. The cycling works very well for me (maybe because I’m Dutch?), it is a nice way to use my legs without forcing anything. I also trained my core and I did some light exercises to make my hips stronger. This is really important for me, I sit all day at work which makes my hips a bit weak.

It is really nice to know that people think about my marathon, a lot of people ask how I get on. This really motivate me to get ready. Last Wednesday I did a 14km run, it is really difficult to stop running long distances! Ones you’re in the flow of running long distances you get used to it. But the distance really goes down from last Wednesday. This weekend I have a 12km run planned and after this, two of my friends from the Netherlands come over for a visit! There is not better way to take it easy, than taking it easy with friends 🙂

At the moment I’m not really nervous for the marathon but I think, after this weekend, I will get a bit more nervous, specially around the weather forecast. Fingers crossed it will be dry! Next Friday I will fly to the Netherlands to spend time with my mom and to get ready. My boyfriend will come over to the Netherlands to support me for the marathon as well. I couldn’t wish for better support than those two! I still have some preparation to do, I want to buy fig bread for the marathon and I need to make a plan of what I want to eat after the marathon.

Running a marathon is so much more than running your kilometers. It really surprises me how it takes over your life. A lot of my conversation with people are about the marathon, I receive message from people to support me (so nice!) and I’m hungry 24/7. But the one thing that I like the most about running the marathon is the excitement that I have for it. I’ve been running for years and this marathon takes running to a whole new level for me. I can’t wait to start this challenge, on 9 more days to go!

With love, on running shoes, from Dublin..

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