What I eat in a day in preparation for the marathon

When you train for a marathon you need to run a lot of kilometers to get used to the long distance. You need to sleep enough to recover after a run and to get enough rest before the next long distance run. But there is another important element of running a marathon, an element that I really like, food! In preparation for a marathon you need to make sure you eat the right food and that you eat enough. In this blog I share what I eat on a day to get ready for the marathon.


My alarm normally wakes me up at 6.15am to start my day. Breakfast is my favorite part of the day and on a week day I always have overnight oats for breakfast. This is easy because you prefer it the night before and it tastes delicious! I like to put some fruit on top of it like blue berries or raspberries. I drink a glass of green tea with fresh ginger with my overnight oats, perfect way to start the day!

Around 10.30am I’m hungry again, yes preparing for a marathon makes hungry! I have a couple of different snacks that I eat around this time depending on how hungry I are. Sometimes I eat 500 gram of Greek style yoghurt, specially on Mondays after a really long run in the weekend, sometimes I take rice crackers with chicken fillet and mustard and sometimes I prepare eggs in the microwave with crackers. I always try to snack something with protein to get a full feeling and to recover my sore legs.


Normally I have lunch around 12.30pm. I always bring my lunch to work. My lunch is the same as my dinner the night before. It is easy to cook a bit more and it saves time in the evening. A typical lunch is brown rice with beans and vegetables, a curry or quinoa with vegetables and nuts. As long as it is home made, it works as lunch for me ;-).

The rest of the afternoon at work I drink a lot of green tea and I have a slice of banana bread. Because I bring a lot of lunch I’m not really hungry in the afternoon so I don’t eat anything before I come home. But when I come home around 6.15pm I am hungry, really hungry! Before I start cooking dinner I always eat 4 rice crackers with hummus or cottage cheese.


For dinner I always try to pick the right mix between carbs, protein and fat. I vary between brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, couscous, pasta and sweet potatoes. Every meal needs to have at least a couple of vegetables. On top of this I add chicken, turkey, eggs or feta cheese. I always add spices to my meals and sometimes I finish this off with nuts for a crunchy bite. I cook almost every evening, I believe it is a nice way to end my working day. During the preparation I also make my overnight oats for the next morning.

After dinner I always crave something sweet. That’s why I take another slice of banana bread and a glass of green tea. Ever now and than I buy chocolate, but I only eat 85% cocoa or higher chocolate, the darker the better.

As you can see, I eat a lot during the day. This helps me to get enough energy for my runs. I would love to hear from you, what do you eat during the day?

With love, from Dublin.. 

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