Marathon update 10: The final long distance run is done!

33km done!! Last Saturday I did my final long distance run before the marathon. The coming 3 weeks I will only run short runs, I have no long distance runs planned anymore. In the coming 3 weeks I will focus on recovery and getting ready for the marathon. And, while I’m writing this I’m still proud of the 33km I did this weekend, it wasn’t easy!

Friday afternoon, I checked the weather forecast for the weekend. Wind and rain on Saturday AND Sunday was the forecast and it wasn’t going to change.. Normally I pick the day in the weekend when the weather is the best for my long run but this time I didn’t really have a choice. So I made my decision and planned my final run for the next day: Saturday. I didn’t sleep very well that night because of the noise of the wind and when I woke up I realized I had to spend 3 hours in the stormy weather.

Long distance runs are my favorite and I don’t have to motivate myself to do them but this time I wasn’t very happy. I was afraid of the impact of the weather on my run. Was I able to run 33km in a storm? There was no other option, this run had to be done, so after a nice mugcake for breakfast I had to go. Prepared with water and figbread I left the house and started my run. If you ever need motivation to go for a run with bad weather read this 🙂 (It really helps!)

It was difficult, not only because the wind was really hard but also mentally. The first 10km I was afraid I couldn’t make it. But then the magic of the runners high (finally) happened. I started to enjoy my run and my legs felt strong. It is really interesting how your mind can trick you. When I realized I was able to do this the run started to feel easier! I like to find new ways when I go for a run and time I found some really nice areas. I almost forgot about the storm (almost..).

I finished my 33km in 3 hours and 2 mins and I was happy. After this run I realized I’m ready for the marathon. Dublin is hilly and windy, the marathon in Utrecht will be flat and hopefully less windy. This means it should be easier (well the first kilometers). After my run I had a lot of food and rest. That night I slept very well and I think it will be the same the coming nights. Sleeping is my favorite recovery!

My focus is now on getting ready for the marathon. I start to think about what I have to bring to the Netherlands for the run and what I want to eat the days before the marathon. 3 weeks left before it will happen, 3 weeks left before the marathon. But also 3 weeks left for people to sponsor me! So far I collected 725 euro which is an amazing amount of money for cancer research. If you want to sponsor me click here.

Almost there, I keep your posted!

With love, on running shoes, from Dublin..

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