How to motivate yourself to go for a run in bad weather

Nobody likes to run with bad weather. Rain and wind make a run harder, less fun and often more difficult. I run in all weather but to be honest, rain is not only annoying but also much more work. You need to wear the right running gear, you need to cover your phone or Apple watch and ideally you use shoes that keep your feet dry for longer. All together, running in the rain or with wind isn’t great. But when you are a runner like me and you train for a specific run or it rains for days, you sometimes have to run in the rain. There are a couple of things you can do to motivate yourself to go for a run with bad weather.

Let people know your plans

This one works the best for me. I tell people I have a run planned. I do this via Social Media, I tell my colleagues, even my mom is aware of my runs. This motivates me to go for a run, mainly because I don’t like to tell people I didn’t go for a run. Last week I had a long distance run planned for Wednesday evening. The weather was really bad (a storm was forecasted). During the day I started to talk with people about my running plans. And yes, the next day I was able to tell people I did my run.

Buy and extra pair of running shoes

Because I live in Dublin I decided to invest in a extra pair of running shoes. These running shoes are specially made for wet weather and keep your feet longer dry. It really depends on how extreme the rain is but these shoes really help. They not only keep my feet dry, the shoes are also great when you have two runs planned after each other and you don’t want to run with wet shoes (nobody wants this I guess..). This will help you to go for a run without getting annoyed by wet and cold feet. I’m a big fan of Asics with Gore Tex.

Put on some music

Before I started to train for my marathon I never put on music. I love the sounds you hear around you when you run. Birds, people, traffic it makes me forget everything. But when I had to do one of my first long runs after work and the weather was really bad (lot of wind) I decided to run with music and I loved it! It makes it some much easier, I put on one of the Dutch radio stations and I just run. This helps me to focus on something else than the weather. So pick your favorite music and think about this when you go for a run. I promise it will be less hard to leave the house. Choose for headphones with bluetooth so you don’t have to worry about your phone. You can place your phone in a plastic bag so it wouldn’t get wet.

Run with friends

I love to run alone. But when you need motivation, running with other people can really help. When you run with other people time goes faster and kilometers pass by without noticing. Another benefit of running together is that you have somebody to complain to about the weather 😉 When you run with other people it is more difficult to say no to a run, this will help you to put on your running gear and runners!

All the tips above are not going to change the weather of course. I always check the weather forecast for the week and try to make my planning around the bad weather. When it rains on Tuesday I plan my run on Wednesday. But sometimes you just have to run in bad weather.. Don’t worry too much about it and just do it!

With love, from Dublin..


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