How to write the perfect LinkedIn blog post for your event

Social Selling is the perfect way to invite people for your event. You can find the right people via LinkedIn, you can share content about your event and you can send personalized InMails to invite people. But there is one very powerful thing that people often forget when they promote their event, a good LinkedIn blog post! The benefit of a blog post is that is stays on top of your profile and it informs people about your event when they visit your profile. So when you send an InMail and your prospects or customers check your profile they can learn more because of your LinkedIn post! So how do you write the perfect LinkedIn blog post for your event?

Explain why people should attend your event

A good LinkedIn blog post explains first of all why people should attend your event. Keep in mind that the blog post is part of your personal brand and people want to learn from you. It is really important that you explain in your own words why you think you event is relevant and interesting for your prospects and/or customers. Maybe you have interesting keynote speakers or workshops. Mention these in your post. The more details you give the more value you add.

Use easy words

Try to write your blog with easy words. Very often people get stuck in industry words. The words that you use on a daily basis are maybe not the words that people outside your work or industry understand. Make sure you use words that everybody understands. If people don’t understand what you try to say, they will be less interested in reading your whole blog post. And this means a lower change to get a registration..

Be personal 

Make sure you are personal in your blog post. Tell people that you will be at the event (if you have plans to be there) and explain what you want to get out of the event. What does this event mean to you? The more personal you are, the more interested people get.

Share a registration link

Make sure you share a registration link in your blog post. Otherwise you miss an opportunity to get registrations. When people read your blog post and they get interested they want to learn more or they maybe want to register straight away! Make sure you have a very clear call to action, so people see where they can register.

Use event images in your blog post

Make sure you use images in your blog post. Have at least a header that shows something related to your event. This makes it easier for people to recognize your event. When they click on your registration link they will see a similar images which they will recognize. This improves the experience that people have.

Share facts and figures

If you have facts or figures related to your event, share these in your blog. People are always interested about facts and figures. The will create trust but also interest in your event. If you have figures related to earlier events or similar events use these as well. This helps people to understand why they should attend your event.

Make sure you share your blog post

Writing a LinkedIn post is good, but make sure people see your blog post as well. You can share it across all your Social Media channels. You never know where your prospects or customers bump in to your blog and after that register for your event! If you want to learn more about getting your blog post in front of people click here.

Keep in mind that your blog post is part of your LinkedIn profile, not of a company page. This means it needs to relate to you and your personal brand. Do you work in marketing? Maybe it is interesting to write a blog post about the marketing part of the event or how it helps your prospects or customers from a marketing point of view. Remember to make it personal, people love to work with people, not with content machines!

With love, from Dublin..

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