Marathon update 9: Running with colleagues and a trip to Amsterdam

We’re less than a month away from the marathon! My first marathon is really going to happen. The last week I took it easy again, not because it was needed but I don’t want to stress my body too much. I feel that my body is still strong but the long distances start to have an impact. Recovery takes a bit longer, which I think is normal at this stage, so I don’t want to force anything. Last week I did a very nice long run with my colleagues. It always surprises me how fast time goes when you run with other people and how “easy” kilometers feel when you run together.

One of my colleagues has organized a weekly run and last week I joined them. We did a nice and relaxed loop of 8km followed by a faster 8km loop. It is really nice to run with your colleagues. You really get to know people, because you talk about other topics than work. And as I mentioned, time flies when you run together, I didn’t plan to do a long run but by the time I arrive home I did a 17.5 km run.

On Thursday I took a rest day and on Friday I started my morning in the gym. I trained my upper body and did a lot of stretching. The foam roller is my favorite to check how my legs are and for recovery. Friday night I went to bed early since my taxi was picking me up at 4.45 am for my flight to Amsterdam!

I was very excited to go to Amsterdam since I was meeting up with my boyfriend. Our first meet up after he moved to Stockholm. Although we were both delayed because of the fog in Amsterdam we arrived end of the morning and we spend the whole afternoon and evening in Amsterdam city center. I always enjoy walking around in the city, not only because I’m Dutch, I think it is a great city to have nice and relaxed dinners and lunches. And I was happy to be with my boyfriend of course 🙂

Sunday we went for a run together. We did a nice run of 12 km in very Irish weather! A lot of wind and clouds but it was nice to run in a flat area. That’s when you start to appreciate running in the Netherlands even more. I realized during my run that I trained for my marathon in London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Dublin which I think is pretty cool 🙂 The rest of the day we took it really easy which was good for my body. I really believe in a balance between work outs and recovery and something you just need to do nothing.

This week a have a longer run planned for Wednesday evening. The weather forecast is very bad so I will see how fare I will get. I do run in rain and wind but they forecast a storm in Dublin which is not my favorite weather for a run..Thisweekend I have a 32km run planned, fingers crossed that the storm will be gone by then. I let you know!

With love, on running shoes, from Dublin..

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  1. Fantastic Wendy! I did my first half marathon last year and was so proud of myself. I cannot imagine ever taking on the real deal, the full marathon. Looking forward to hearing how it went afterwards!

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