This is your moment to shine, start with live video content!

Video content, it is the most powerful content we can share at the moment. Every Social Media platform prioritizes video content. Facebook live video, Snapchat, Instagram stories, it is hard to miss video content. All platforms now give us access to broadcast our stories, our opinions and our content to a wide audience. We can start broadcasting when we want and were we want, we only need WiFi and a mobile phone. The last few weeks have made me think about live video content even more. And I keep on asking myself the question, why do a lot of companies and people still don’t jump on this massive opportunity?

Last week my attention got catch on Twitter. I found Amy Schmittauer‘s YouTube channel. Amy is the auteur of the book: Vlog like a boss. I’ve been watching here video’s and I bought her book straight away. Amy is the king of video content creation and she give very hands on tips that help everybody to create video content. Because of her I used Adobe Spark for the first time (what an eye opener!). It made me think about my own video creation. What Amy makes very clear is that you don’t need expensive equipment to make video’s. All you need is you and your mobile phone. We very often get stopped by our thoughts and think we are not interesting enough to be in front of a camera, but we all have a story to tell. Nowhere days people don’t look for perfect video’s, they look for the truth. Live video content is absolutely to most pure video content you can create.

This week I had the pleasure to meet with two young girls who visited the company I work for to learn more about IT. Both girls are still in school and were very interested in learning more about Social Marketing. When I explained Social Media advertising I got there attention straight away. But what I found really interesting is that these girls had no interest in Facebook. They use Facebook only for messenger. Snapchat and Instagram are the platforms they use and video content is very, VERY normal for them. It is a normal way for them to communicate with there friends. They are absolutely not afraid to put themselves in front of a camera. This is the generation will be the new professionals soon, we need to act on this NOW!

And yes, I made some live video content last week. I’m not only telling other people to do this. 😉 Together with my colleague Dave I did a Facebook live video about personal branding. We were live for 30 minutes from our company Facebook account. I was impressed by our reach and number of people who watched our video. Doing this live video took us almost no preparation, no budget, no expensive equipment and only 30 minutes of our time. We were live on Facebook and Instagram because we used two mobile phones. After the live session we had the option to boost our content to a specific audience and we used the video on YouTube and as a podcast. The power of live video content is just amazing.

I’m really excited to start working on new video’s. I saw the number of views and followers going up on my YouTube channel in the last weeks and I have the feeling this is the moment to shine with your video content. Just do it, try it, experience it, feel it and most of all enjoy it. There is only a very small change you get a similar opportunity, as we have right now, to boost your company brand or personal brand as cheap as you can now. Take your mobile out of your pocket and go live…

With love, from Dublin.. 

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