This is how I get inspiration for my blog posts

Writing content, I love it! I really enjoy spending Sunday’s afternoons or week days evenings behind my laptop writing blog posts. I’ve been writing almost my whole life. When I was young I had a diary, in this dairy I wrote very personal stories. When I got older I started my first weblog. Which, in that time, was something very new. No Social Media channels to promote your blog, no Social Media channels to find blogs. Since then I’ve been writing, first for my weblog, later for a party website and for the last years on my own blog. And for some reason I always know what to write about. I’ve been writing about fashion, parties and clubs, healthy food, work outs, running and Social Media. Different topics but I’ve wrote a lot of articles about these topics. And in this blog I share my favorite ways to get inspiration for my blogs:


This is definitely my number 1 way to get inspiration. During a run I thing about topics, new ideas and sometimes complete blog posts. When I run, I always get the best ideas, but only when I run without music. When I run with music I do think about new topics but I find it difficult to think about a complete blog. My main tip for you, if you need inspiration for a blog post, do a work out, it really inspires!

Conversations with others

Speaking with other people inspires me. When people ask me questions I use this as input for a new blog post. The good thing about doing this means that my content is always relevant for people. But also when I speak with other social media experts I always get inspired by their opinions and experiences. It is really important to listen to other people and to understand what they are interested in and what they want to learn.

Social Media

Social Media is a great place to get inspiration for blogs. I get inspired by entrepreneurs, interesting articles, other bloggers, motivational quotes and other social selling experts. Following the right people is of course key on Social Media when you look for inspiration. I recently cleaned up my Twitter account and Instagram account, this to make sure I only follow people who inspire my, who I can learn from or who make me laugh. It is up to you what you see on Social Media, it really depends on who and what you follow.

My job

My job inspire me to blog as well. This because I work with Social Media every day. Running new campaigns, creating strategies, work with content and train people on Social Selling is extremely inspiring. I learn and see new things every day and that inspires me to write about new topics. I have a notebook on my desk that I use to write down interesting topics. And you can image that a session with the LinkedIn team or my global social colleagues is any easy way to make the list very long 😉

It is important that when you start blogging, you write about topics that are close to your passion. This makes it easier to get inspiration from a lot of things. What inspires you to write blogs?

With love, from Dublin..


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