Marathon update 8: Easy like Sunday mornings..

This week was all about recovering from my 32 km run last week. I felt surprisingly good after my 32 km run. I went to the gym on Sunday and Monday to stretch and train my core. Legday was no option last week! On Tuesday I did a very relax 6 km run and my legs felt really good. I do believe there is a big difference between people who have been running for years and people who recently started to run, when you train for a marathon. I’ve been running for more than 10 years and I’ve always loved long distance runs. A 20 km run was very common for me, also before I started to train for the marathon. Because of this, I recover quite easy. I still have to take care of my body of course, but my muscles are used to longer distances.

The fact that I recover fast doesn’t mean that I don’t need to give my time to recover. And that’s what I realized after my 14 km run on Wednesday evening. When I left the house I was very enthusiastic about my run. The weather was good, I had some nice music on and I was looking forward to run to the beach. My run was great until the 13 km. I started to feel a bit of pain in my legs. Not the type of pain that you can’t run anymore but more like sore legs. Because I wanted to take it easy and I want to be very careful with my body I decided to walk for a bit. I felt the pain fading fast, which was a good sign. I started to run again after 300 meter and my legs felt fine, but it was a warning for me to take it easy. Back home I placed ice on my legs and I had a lot of food.

The next day I took a rest day and on Friday morning I did a very long stretch session in the gym. This session included a nice meeting with the foam roller, which is always painful but it really helps to recover fast. I cycled for 20 minutes which is great for recovery of your calf’s. That day my legs started to feel better but my calf’s were still very stiff. On Saturday I did a very easy session in the gym including a cycle of 20 minutes and another meeting with my foam roller. The most important to do, when you have sore or stiff legs, is to listen to your body. Make sure you get a lot of sleep and a good amount of protein.

Sunday my legs and calf’s felt much better. The weather wasn’t great in Dublin, it was very cold with a lot of wind and rain so I decided to go for a short and easy run. I wanted to make sure I was not pushing my body too much. During the run I noticed my legs felt very strong. The easy days before had a very good effect on my legs! I did a 20 km run without any problems. This run made me realize ones more how important it is to sometimes take it easy during your marathon run. Yes need to run long distances but sometimes you just need to stop and take your rest.

Next weekend I will be in Amsterdam to meet my boyfriend! So next Marathon update will include a nice run in beautiful Amsterdam 🙂

With love, on running shoes, from Dublin..

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