How to avoid added sugar in all your meals

You might think, no added sugar for breakfast, lunch and dinner that’s easy! A lot of people think about snacks and candy when they think about added sugar. And yes of course they do contain a lot of sugar. Less people know that a lot of the food that they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner contains added sugar too. There are a couple of things you might eat a lot, that contain a lot of sugar.

Sauces made of powder 

Yes it is very easy to make a sauce when you only have to add water or milk to a powder. But 9 out of 10 times the powder contains (a lot of) sugar. Because of the high amount of sugar we eat, we are very used to the sweet flavor off all food. That’s why a lot of powders contain sugar. An unexpected one and a very tricky one! Make your own sauces, it takes a bit more time but the taste is as good, or even better, than the sauce you make of powder.

White bread

Unfortunately a lot of bread contains sugar. I love bread and I hate this, but it is true. It will be very difficult to always know if you eat bread that contains sugar or not. But white bread almost always contains sugar. So when you want to eat bread, pick brown bread. Ideally homemade (of course) but if this is not possible, pick the darkest bread possible. The lower the chance you eat bread with added sugar.

(Salad) sauces

Salads are often seen as the most healthy option but this is not always true. A lot of salad sauces contain sugar, a lot of sugar. Similar to the sauces you use with your fries, potatoes or meat. Check the ingredients and you will see that it is almost impossible to find a sauce without sugar!

Cereals and muesli 

Yes these are on the list as well. Both muesli and cereals contain a lot of sugar. This makes them the worst option to start the day with. Because of the high amount of sugar this breakfast contains you will crave sweets during the whole day. So make sure you avoid these for breakfast and go for some natural fruit sugar, like fruit and some slow carbs like oats.

Processed food

When you want to avoid added sugar, try to stay away from processed food. A lot of “ready to eat” food is processed and contains a lot of sugar. But also things like soup contain added sugar. I was really surprised when I found out tomato soups contains a lot of sugar, it is shocking! Try to make a habit of checking ingredients, it really helps you to get insights in the amount of sugar you eat during the day.

Flavored yoghurt and milk

Another tricking one, flavored yoghurt and milk. Part of a healthy lifestyle is eating enough protein. And when we think about protein we think often about yoghurt. Yoghurt and milk contain natural sugars and that is perfectly fine. But all flavored yoghurt and milk contain added sugar. Another very tricking breakfast, snack or dessert. Try to pick natural yoghurt and milk and add spices like cocoa powder or cinnamon for a sweet flavor.


Are you a big fan of orange juice or apple juice? Make sure you only drink fresh pressed juices and not the processed ones you buy in the supermarket. The processed ones have a lot of added sugar and because you drink it, it is even easier to consume a lot of sugar. So make sure you start your morning with fresh orange juice, it is not only healthier but also tastes much better!

With love, from Dublin..

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