My favorite sugar free snacks

Eating sugar free doesn’t mean you can’t eat snacks. I always crave something sweet after my lunch or diner. A healthy lifestyle should definitely include snacks, it makes having a healthy lifestyle so much easier. But when you avoid added sugar you should stay away from candy, cookies, protein bars or flavored  yogurt. It may take a bit more time but you can make healthy snacks yourself, without added sugar, and still have sweet snack. These are my favorite sweets snacks:

Banana bread

This is for sure my number 1 favorite snack. I bake a banana bread every week. It is very easy to make and you can keep it in the fridge for a week which means that you can have a slice after lunch and a slice after diner. When you keep the basics of the bread the same you can make a different bread every week. You can add nuts, figs, different spices or even apple or blue berries. You can find my banana bread recipe here. When you need extra protein you can always add protein powder to your banana bread. This banana bread will definitely make it easier to avoid added sugar!

Protein cookies

I always try to have protein in every meal. Protein helps me to recover after a work out but it also gives you a full feeling. And a full feeling helps you to stay away from sugar.. Protein cookies are my weekend snack. I always bake these on Friday evenings so I have them ready for the weekend. And yes these cookies contain chocolate!! I use 85% cocoa or more chocolate for these cookies and it is a very easy way to have chocolate flavored cookies. You can find the recipe for two different protein cookies here. The cookies are also great when you have a friend over for tea and you want to snack without feeling guilty, we all know what happens when you start to eat cookies with a friend.. Most of the time you eat them all, which is completely fine with these cookies!

Skinny oat cookies

I’m an oats fan, I love oats. And the good thing about oats is that they are slow carbs. Which means that they give you the right energy and you won’t be hungry after eating them. These skinny oat cookies don’t contain egg which makes them great for vegans as well. When I travel I always bring these cookies with me. The cookies are great as a snack but also perfect for breakfast. You can find the recipe here. You can make different versions of the cookies by adding nuts or cranberries. Absolutely a very addictive cookie!!

Beetroot cake

I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen so most of my snacks are easy and fast to make. The beetroot cake is another example of this. I don’t make this cake very often but when I make it, I always impress people. This cake doesn’t only taste sweet it also contains vegetables which makes the cake even more healthy! When you add a bit of yogurt on the beetroot cake you have a delicious, good looking snack. You can find the recipe here. Make sure you use Manuka honey for your cake otherwise you still add processed sugar to your healthy snack…

What is your favorite sugar free snack?

With love, from Dublin..


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