Marathon update 7: Figs and 32km run in Dublin

Yes I did a 32km run! I still can’t believe it. Last Saturday it was time for a long distance run. I wanted to run over 30km as part of my marathon training. The weather was good, I had my music ready and I slept at least 9 hours that night. When I left the house I didn’t really have a plan where to run to so I decided to take a complete different route. I always enjoy running in new areas, it makes you forget about kilometers and it is interesting to see new things.

The first kilometers felt quite easy. Not only because the weather was good but also because of my breakfast. I had a mugcake and banana bread for breakfast and this gave me a lot of energy. I highly recommend other runners to eat something similar before your long distance runners. Oats, eggs and banana are the perfect food for a long run. Slow carbs, protein and fruit sugar give you a lot of energy without an energy spike.

As mentioned before, I was looking for food/ drinks that I can take during the marathon. This 32km was the perfect test to see what I should take during the marathon. When I was in the Netherlands for Christmas I tried fig bread during a long distance run. It worked out really well but this run was “only” 20km. That’s why I wanted to test it during this run. The fig bread really works for me. The reason why this is so important for me is because I want to run without the “famous” running gels. These gels contain sugar, caffeine and are processed. I still believe it is possible to run a marathon without these gels. The good thing about the fig bread is that it gives me energy because of the fruit sugar and the bread also contains some almonds. And it is easy to eat. For those how don’t run long distances or never eat or drink during their runs, eating and drinking is hard work! When you run it takes a lot of energy to drink, image what it takes to eat something. That’s why I cut the fig bread in small pieces when I bring it for a run. And because it is soft it is “easy” to eat.

After the first 20 km I felt surprisingly good. I still had enough energy to enjoy my run. From experience I know it gets harder after 20 km. But even after 25km I was feeling great. It is interesting how the amount of kilometers you want to run impact your thoughts. Because I was focused on 32 km, 25 km didn’t feel that far, while a couple of weeks ago it was completely different! I do believe preparing for a marathon is more than running long distances. You need to prepare your legs and your mind.

I finished my 32km run with a big smile and an amazing runners high. The first thing I did after my run was putting ice on my legs. Not because I was in pain but mainly because it helped me before. After icing my legs I had a shower and a lot of food. The runners high was high and I think I’m still in it. It is unbelievable what training for a marathon does to you.

I’m very lucky that I recover quite fast, I haven’t had any problems or pain in the last days. I went for a relaxed training session to the gym on Sunday (without training my legs, of course..) and I did a lot of stretching. It is scary to say but I think I’m getting ready for the marathon!

With love, from Dublin..

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