Social Sellers, these signs mean your wasting time on Social Media

Wasting time on Social Media, I think most of us recognize this.. Waisting time on Social Media is one of the most tricky things that can happen for Social Sellers. To avoid this it is important to be aware of it. It is important to see the difference between using your Social Media channels for Social Selling or for your personal us. This are the signs your wasting time on Social Media:

Your checking your friends holiday pictures

Yes Facebook is a powerful platform for Social Selling, but only when you review your prospects profile, not when you check your friends profiles. This is an obvious one of course, but it is really important to keep in mind that when you start to use Facebook for Social Selling you keep your focus on your prospects. This, of course, is the same for every other profile you use for Social Selling, spending time looking at your friends and families content is NOT part of Social Selling.

Having multiple tabs open with your personal Social Media accounts

Even if you don’t spend (too much) time on your personal profiles, having tabs open with your accounts makes it very tempting to check your profiles. When you see notifications coming in you will loose your focus. If you want to have your Social Media profiles open you can also open them in a different browser so you don’t see the notifications coming in all time.

Your reading too much content

Part of Social Selling is reading content. This is really important to understand your prospect or your customer company content. But getting lost in content and reading too many articles from one company is wasting time. You don’t have to read all articles before you are well prepared for your prospect or customer. Focus on the most important articles and move on to the next prospect. Time is money ;-).

You don’t listen

When you don’t listen to what your prospects and customers have to say, you are definitely waisting time on Social Media. When you don’t listen you don’t know what’s important for your prospect. Listening helps you to understand what content to share, when you reach out to your prospect and what’s on your prospects mind. When you don’t listen you can better stop with Social Selling!

You’re spending too much time writing a blog post

Yes creating content is important and very powerful for Social Selling. But when you spend hours writing a post that is still not ready to be shared you have to be honest with yourself, or you publish it or you leave it. Content creation can take some hours but not weeks. Ask yourself the question, is the time you spend on your blog worth the post? Of course, you have to give yourself time to write a post but over do.

You only talk about yourself or your company

Nobody likes to read about you or your products all the time, this is boring. Focus not on yourself but on how you can add value to your prospects and customers. Try to find a balance between company content and content that adds value to your prospect. And yes of course, sharing something personal is important to show you are a real person but content about your company is not personal.

Make sure you don’t waist time on Social Media, to be successful with Social Selling, sometimes less is more 😉

With love, from Dublin..

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