Marathon update 6: Running in Stockholm and saying goodbye

A late marathon update this week but I have a good reason for it! I spend the last days in Stockholm. Last Saturday I started the weekend with a nice 20 km run. It was a good run, my legs felt good and I had a lot of energy. After the 20 km I spend some time with my boyfriend in the city center and I had the feeling I only did a very small round, I didn’t feel my legs at all!

On Sunday morning the journey to Stockholm started.. For those who don’t know this yet, my boyfriend lives in Sweden now! Last Sunday he officially moved to Stockholm for work. I joined him, when he moved last Sunday, and I spend a few days with him in Stockholm. And yes of course, I trained in Stockholm as well. I did 2 runs of 10 km. Stockholm is even more hilly than Dublin so both runs were pretty intense but good. When I run in another city or country, where I don’t know the area, I always stay close to the place where I stay. I just pick a street, run in to it, turn around and run back. When you do this with multiple streets (in big cities this is very easy to do) you can easily make a good number of kilometers! I love to see new areas and I believe running is the best way to explore a city.

And yes of course, knowing that you have to say goodbye to your boyfriend for some time, is hard. I do believe that events like these have an impact on your training. Running is a very good way to clear your head and it always helps me when I’m sad or a bit down. But when you leave your boyfriend in another country it is not just a run that fixes it all. That’s why I decided to take it a bit easy this week. I didn’t do my long run on Wednesday evening, I decided to do a couple of short runs. But this is not the only reason why I take it easy, I want to run 31 km during the coming weekend! Yes, this will be the first time I will run more than 30 km. Very exciting, specially since the weather forecast isn’t great. But, it isn’t the weekend yet, so things can still change 😉

The food was really nice in Stockholm and this was good because running the marathon makes me think about food even more than I normally do. I prefer to eat non-processed, sugar free food but the last weeks I noticed I started to listen to my body even more. I eat when I’m hungry but I also eat when I know I have a long run coming up or when my body needs extra food to recover. People always think you loose a lot of weight when you train for a marathon but I don’t think this is completely true. It really depends per person, in my case I gain some weight, just because I need more energy and food now, than I normally do.

In the coming days I will prepare myself for my 31 km run, I try to get enough sleep and eat healthy and good. So hopefully my next marathon update will include a 31 km run without any problems, I keep you posted!

With love, on running shoes, from Dublin..

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