4 Things you need to keep in mind when you run Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is extremely popular. When I scroll through my Facebook timeline I see ads from all different companies. Some are relevant, others not at all. They only way to get results from your Facebook ads is when you put the right message in front of the right people. And this is not easy when you compete with content from family and friends. Yes, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you run Facebook ads.

Money is not the key for success 

Money is not going to help you the be successful. Some people think that, when you have enough budget, you can easily beat your competitors and reach your audience. This is not true. Yes you need budget to run your campaigns but the quality of your content is more important. Facebook looks at the relevance of your ad for your audience. Is you content interesting, is it adding value and is it going to help your audience. That is one of the main reason why B2B companies sometimes struggle with Facebook ads. Sales focused messaging is not really the type of content people look for on Facebook…

React fast on updates and innovations 

Facebook constantly changes ads, layout and tactics. I’m sure this is based on user experience and results. But it means for the advertiser that you need to stay on top of all changes to get the best results. A simple example is video. Facebook loves video and heavily invests in video at the moment. This means you can get the best and cheapest results from video ads and live video. Of course, you need to pick the right ad format for your audience but there is a much higher change your video ad will show up on your audiences timeline.

Running ads is not enough

Running ads is easy, but not enough. Make sure you have a strategy behind your campaigns. Focus on specific audiences, build look alike audiences and retarget audiences. People who visited your website or landing page are more likely to convert. Make sure you understand your audience, the journey they’re in and don’t forget to think about a retargeting campaign. When you just run ads without a plan or a goal you won’t reach your goals and objectives (and Facebook will earn a lot of money).

Don’t forget about your organic content

Organic content is something special on Facebook. As we all know, Facebook only shows content to people when they think it is interesting for the Facebook user. This means for a lot of companies that they only reach a very small amount of their existing followers. Boosting content is the solution for this. When you boost content you use your organic content and you put some money behind it to make sure that a wider audience sees your content. This works very well, but only when your content is relevant for your followers. You only need a small budget to boost your organic content but it helps to get your content in front of the right people.

I love Facebook for advertising but I also believe it is the most difficult platform for advertising. Make sure you understand the platform completely before you start to run campaigns. And ones you understand the full platform you will love it!

With love, from Dublin..

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