4 tips to make Social Selling part of your daily routine

Getting Social Media in your daily routine is not difficult. We all spend (too) much time per day on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. So it seems like we are very used to using Social Media on a daily basis. But when it comes to Social Selling a lot of people still seem to struggle. A lot of people start very enthusiastic and focused. The first weeks they get on very well and they see their follower base grow quite fast. But after a couple of weeks the activity drops and this leads to less results (of course). The only way to keep going with Social Selling is when you make Social Selling part of your daily routine.  These tips will help you to do this:

Pick a time slot for Social Selling

I’m sure you have a couple of habits when you start your workday. Maybe you check your email and you get a cup of coffee. Maybe you always chat with your colleagues before you really start. We all have those habits and we are so used to it that it doesn’t take much energy and we don’t have to think about it when we do it. Well the good news is that you can do the same with your Social Selling behavior. You can make a habit of it by selecting a specific time slot during the day that you decade to Social Selling. For example, I always schedule my content in the morning, before I check my email or get tea. I’ve been doing this for months so I’m used to it now. I know exactly how long it takes me to get the content scheduled so I keep that in mind when I create my day plan. I also know that when I check my emails first I will never schedule my content, I will get lost in all the work. Try to find a similar moment during the day. Maybe this is at the end of the day or right after lunch. Nothing is wrong or right as long as it fits your day plan.

Download apps on your mobile phone

What do you do when you wait for the train or you queue for something? You check your Social Media channels! Well the good news is, Sales Navigator has a great app that you can use on the go. And the Twitter app works even better than the desktop version. Make sure you get access to the channels you use for Social Selling on your mobile phone so you can use them when you have a minute. When you scan your Sales Navigator timeline briefly there is a good chance you will pick up something that you can use, later, in an email or phone call.

Make your timeline interesting

Social Selling is more than engaging and connecting with your prospects and customers. Social Selling means that you leverage Social Media to be successful in your career. When you save leads and accounts you can also save influencers or other people that you think are interesting. The content that those people share will be helpful when you speak with your prospects and customers! It also helps you to make Social Selling more interesting. You will learn a lot, and this benefits you in your daily job. So don’t make Social Selling boring! The more interesting your timeline the more often you will check it.

Create your own content

Content creation is still a big step for a lot of people. But I’ve also seen that when people start to do it they love it! When you create your own content it is really interesting to see who interacts with your content. And this means you will spend more time on the platforms. When you write your own content you will create better and stronger relationships with your network and this makes Social Selling more interesting. So when you spend a couple of hours (or less) on writing a LinkedIn post, you can benefit from it for weeks.

Social Selling is very interesting when you do it right. But you need to be consistent to see real results. When you make Social Selling a habit it will become easier and easier, so stop thinking about it and start doing it! How do you make a habit of Social Selling?

With love, from Dublin..


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