Marathon update 5: Runners high and wine

Marathon update 5 already, after a lot of kilometers I start to feel like a real marathon runner! This week was a week with a lot of kilometers. With less than 2 months to go the amount of kilometers goes up now. I want to run max 34km to be ready for the marathon. To do this without getting injured I build up the amount of kilometers every 2 weeks.  This week I had 29 kilometers on my agenda. And to be honest, I was a bit nervous! It was the first time for me to run this distance and although I did 27 kilometers without any problems, there’s always fear of not finishing your run. I think a lot of long distance runners will recognize this. Saturday morning my legs felt good after my 16km run on Wednesday and 2 days of rest on Thursday and Friday. I left the house well prepared with figs and almond cake and water. I love to have the time to do these type of long distance runs. You just leave the house without a plan where to run to. I always try to find new streets or parks to make my kilometers.

The 29 km run was really nice, there wasn’t much wind, the temperature was perfect and the hills didn’t feel very hilly! Although I still find it difficult to eat during my run I did experience the benefit of eating. The food give me a lot of energy which I felt straight away. I finish my 29 kilometer run without any problems! My legs felt fine and I had the feeling I could have done more. At home an put ice on my legs to prepare them for the hours after the run. From experience I know that you can run without any problems but pain can come after your run. After icing my legs, I took a shower and had a lot of food. And then, I realized I managed to run 29 km and the runners high kicked in. For those who have never had a runners high, the feeling is amazing. It gives you so much energy! I managed to go out that night without any problems and my legs felt great. I also experienced that I wanted to talk about my run. And yes, I like to talk about running but running is part of my life like eating and sleeping so I don’t see it as something special. But this run was different. I was (and still am) proud that I run this distance without any problems and I wanted to share this! And yes I blame the runners high for this..

That evening I had 3 glasses of wine. And although I believe that wine isn’t great to recover I also believe that some wine ones in a while doesn’t hurt. It helps you to relax, to switch off and to really enjoy the taste of it. It is all about balance in my opinion. I live a healthy life with healthy food and drinks but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a nice glass of wine. Drinking wine right before the marathon is of course not a great idea but in the weeks before it is fine. Just make sure you listen to your body and you feel what is good for your body or not. I had a great night after my run and also the day after I was completely fine. I spend at least 30 minutes in the gym with the foam roller and stretching my legs. My legs felt good! I started my new week with a short 7 km interval run on Monday morning. Ready for a new week with new kilometers!

Next week I have a 20 km run planned for Saturday and I fly to Stockholm on Sunday so I will keep you posted from Stockholm!

With love, on running shoes, from Dublin..

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