How to get more relevant Twitter followers

I often get the question how you can get more followers on Twitter. Personally I don’t believe that the number of followers you have on Twitter really matter. It is more valuable to have a small number of followers who are relevant for you than a high number of followers that don’t add any value. But when does somebody add value? This really depends on what you want to achieve with your Social Media activities. When I take myself as an example, my goal with Social Media is to connect with other Social Media and Marketing professionals, to learn and to share my knowledge around Social Media. When people follow me without an interest for Social Media it will be very difficult for me to share content that is interesting for them. That’s why I don’t see those people as relevant people. So how do you make sure the right people start to follow you?

Step 1. Identify your goal

This is absolutely key for success. Think about what you want to get from your Social Media activities. What do you want to do with a big group of followers? Why do you want to reach people in the first place? Your goal can be very specific like using your profile for Social Selling and to build your personal brand, or less specific, like following the news and interact with your friends. When you define your goal you can start thinking about the people you want to reach and the type of people you would like to get as followers. You will see, the more specific your goal, the easier it is to identify your target audience.

Step 2. Select the right content

When you know what your goal is you can start focussing on your content. Your content will help you to get the right followers and this means your content needs to be in line with your goal. It is really important that the content you share is consistent and that everything relates to each other. When I take my own profile as an example, I share content about Social Media. That means that at least 80% of my content is about Social Media. This can be Social Media Marketing, Organic Social Media content, Social Selling etc. But all my content relates to Social Media. This makes it easier for people to understand why they should follow me but it also helps me to position myself as an expert in a specific area. When you tweet about multiple subjects it is difficult for people to understand why they should follow you and there is a good chance that some of your tweets is not interesting for people who followed you because of a specific tweet. Focus on 1 of max 2 topics.

Step 3. Share human content

People love to connect with people. And although it is really important to share interesting articles, video’s and blog posts to build your personal brand, human content is as important. With human content I mean content that shows you are not a content machine (it is very boring to follow content machines). Human content can be tweets with your opinion on a specific tweet but also tweets about what you do outside work in your spare time. When you share human content it will be easier for people to relate with you and people will get to know you better. When it comes to share the right content I prefer to use the 4-1-1 rule. 

Step 4. Interact with people

This is something you read in every article about Social Media. Make sure you interact with people. Reply to tweets, share your opinion and share other peoples content. A very nice and easy way to interact with people on Twitter is by joining Twitter chats. Twitter chats normally take a hour and it is a really nice way to share thoughts and interests. When you start having conversations with people you will see your follower number go up quite fast. And it makes it more interesting to use Twitter. It doesn’t matter if you use Twitter for Social Selling, to grow your network or to share a common interest, interactions make the different in the Social Media results.

With love, from Dublin..

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