Marathon update 4: London baby and running for cancer research

Last weekend I was very lucky to spend time with my family in London. As some of you may know, I will run my first marathon to collect money for cancer research. This because I believe still too many people are impacted by cancer but also because my father past away 10 years ago after having cancer. Last weekend it was exactly 10 years ago. My mom, sister and I always prefer to be together during this time of the year. That’s why we decided to meet up in London this year, to have some quality time together. Being in London, spending time with my family made me think what the impact is of running a marathon for cancer research.

I started to run around 12 years ago. I remember the day I put on my running shoes and started to run together with 2 friends. That specific day we run 10km! (I don’t recommend this when you start running). And I still believe that I felt it love with running that day. It took me months to do another 10km run but running always felt “easy” to me. I can easily motivate myself to run, so when I made the decision to run a marathon I knew I would find the motivation to run the distances. The fact that I want to raise money for cancer research has nothing to do with finding a reason to run. But I do experience that running for a specific goal, like raising money, helps you during your runs. When it is early in the morning and my legs are sore I think about why I run and I realize I’m very lucky I can get up in the morning to go for a run. It also makes me enjoy my runs even more, I feel so lucky when I run a long distance without pain and I’m very aware that I need to be thankful that I can do this.

Running to raise money means for me doing something I really enjoy to help other people. I’ve seen what cancer does to people and every kilometer I run helps those people, even if is it such a small thing. If you think about running a marathon, I can highly recommend you to do the same (for a charity of goal that you find important)

But being in London also made me realize how important it is to switch off from your marathon thoughts. The marathon is always on my mind, I plan my week around my training, I’m very aware of what I eat (to make sure I eat enough) and being with my family made me completely switch off. This is important (and of course being with your family is important as well), switching off from the marathon helps you to recover faster but also to relax your body AND mind. I experienced that I had more energy and motivation after the weekend to start training again. Sometimes you can get to focused on your goal and this can be very exhausting.

Last week I started to run a longer distance run in the evening as well. It was a very windy and cold evening when I did my 16km run. And it was also the first time I run with music! I’ve never done this before but since the weather wasn’t great and I don’t prefer to run in the evenings I decided to try something new to make the run a bit more exciting. It was a nice experience and I will run more often with music but I decided not to run my marathon with music. Nothing beats the sound of people, nature and traffic around you.

This weekend I will run 28km. It makes me a bit nervous, which I think a lot of runners will recognize, but I’m also looking forward to it. The weather forecast is good for the weekend so I will promise you to enjoy every step I take!

You can still sponsor me for my marathon here and if you don’t have a Dutch bank account please send me a message 🙂

With love, on running shoes, from Dublin..

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