Do you want to stop eating sugar? This will help you to start

Maybe you think about stop eating sugar or maybe you already made the decision to stop eating sugar. There are a couple of things I would like to share with you that will help you to get started. The one thing that I can’t help you with is making the decision. It is really important to understand that you can only stop eating sugar if you really want it and you want to change your lifestyle. Don’t stop because somebody told you to stop, or because you want to loose some weight. Stop eating sugar is a change of lifestyle like becoming a vegetarian. Think about this before you get started. If you feel like you are ready, get started! These tips will help you:

No sugar or no added sugar?

Do you want to exclude all sugar from your diet or only added sugar? Added sugar is the sugar you find in candy, cookies, bread etc. When you exclude all sugar from your diet you have to exclude fruit, vegetables and much more. If you want to exclude sugar completely, ask for professional help. But if you want to exclude added sugar, continue reading!

Understand the different names of sugar in food

Start with understanding what you eat. When you check the ingredients of processed food there is a very small change you will see the word sugar. This is because there are several names and types of added sugar. These are a couple of names you will find:


For more sugar names click here. Just in general, it is better to avoid food that contains ingredients that you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce :-). Make sure you make yourself familiar with the ingredients and try to make a habit of checking ingredients before you eat something new. In the beginning this will take time but the more you do it the less time it will take since you get a good understanding of common ingredients. You will be surprised by the amount of added sugar we consume without noticing!

Don’t buy food with added sugar

Yes when you start excluding sugar it will be difficult. It is very tempting to take some sweets when you are hungry. Make sure you don’t have any candy, sweets or cookies at home. When you don’t have it, you don’t eat it. If you live together with somebody (or more people) ask them to put their sugary food away or maybe they want to join you in your new lifestyle! When you don’t have sugar around it will be easier, I promise you!

Tell everybody about your new lifestyle

This is one thing that works very well for me. I always tell people I don’t eat added sugar. As I mentioned before, it is like beginning a vegetarian. People will accept this, but only when you are consistent. Often people don’t offer me sweets because they know and respect the fact that I don’t eat sugar. This means no difficult situations, you don’t have to say no all they time and people will have respect for you.

Make your own sweets

When you exclude added sugar you will still crave sugar. Our body wants energy to process food, to work, to walk for everything! And lets be honest, eating something sweet is nice! There are millions of nice recipes to make cookies, cakes or cupcakes without added sugar. When you use banana’s or other fruit it will taste sweet. As said before, changing your lifestyle is not easy, it will take more time to prepare food but it is worth it. You will experience that home made sweets without added sugar taste as good, or maybe better than all the sweets you used to eat!

I would love to hear from you, do you think about stop eating added sugar? Or have you already changed your lifestyle?

With love, from Dublin..

One thought on “Do you want to stop eating sugar? This will help you to start

  1. I’ve done a few sugar, gluten and dairy free months last year and actually found the sugar the hardest at first – it makes you start reading labels and you’ll be shocked how many things have actually added sugars, which you would think they really shouldn’t! However, if you make things yourself, it’s actually not hard anymore at all, given you accept natural sugars. I found bananas work well, as you said, but also honey, maple or agave sirup. And I totally agree that these home-made ones are so much nicer than all the processed foods from the shop 🙂

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