This is the most important Social Selling skill

Sharing company content, that’s what a lot of people think, Social Selling means. But even the people who get that Social Selling is more than sharing company content very often miss the most important skill. These social sellers are very active with sharing the right content and creating content but to really focus on the most important aspect. The skill that every Social Seller needs to be really successful is; the listening skill.

Listening to what people say on Social Media is extremely important. It is not about you on Social Media, it is about your prospects. Listening helps you to create relevant content, to have better conversations and to get a better understanding of your customer and prospect needs. It is interesting to see that a lot of people seem to forget about this when they use Social Media to engage with people. The people who don’t listen on Social Media are often the people who are not seeing the results they were hoping for. Do you want to change you Social Selling behavior or do you want to start using Social Media? These are the different conversations you can listen in to:

Conversations about your business or product

This is one of the easiest ways of getting an understanding of what people say about your company or product; listen to conversation where people mention your company name or product name. These conversations are extremely helpful when you speak with prospects, you can mention comments and conversations from real customers! But it will also help you to support and advice your customers better which automatically leads to more happy costumers and new customers. There are a lot of free tools you can use to listen, like Hootsuite or Buffer. Just make sure you set up the right search and you are ready to start listening.

Conversations in communities and groups

This type of listening is very useful when you want to generate leads. Conversations in communities and groups are very often focused on support and advice. People in a community trust each other and expect to get a honest answer on their questions. This is not the place to share a sales pitch. Make sure you read the guidelines of group first before you comment. And when you comment make sure you add value. But my advice would be; listen first! After listening you can always reach out to people and focus more on sales.

Conversations from prospects

Sales Navigator is a great way to listen to what you prospect has to say on Social Media. Read the content that your prospect shares, get an understanding why your prospect was mentioned in the news and learn about the business and the content they share. I believe Sales Navigator is one of the most important tools for a sales person to be successful with Social Media. And this is mainly because it helps to focus when you listen to your prospects. Listening comes first, a connection request, InMail, email or phone comes second.

Conversations from competitors

Listen to what your competitors have to say. This is really valuable content for you, it helps you to understand what your prospect consume on Social Media. When you prospect is in the buying process they will review other options. This means they will listen to what your competitor has to say. Make sure you know what your competitors messaging is and use this when you have a conversation with your prospect.

Do you listen enough of Social Media?

With love, from Dublin..

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