Marathon update 3: Yes you can train with a cold!

Marathon update 3 already! I’ve been back in Dublin for a week now and Christmas already feels months ago. Back in the routine means early morning runs and long distance runs in hilly Dublin. Unfortunately I flew back to Dublin with a cold. I’ve never experienced this before (lucky me) but I’ve been deaf on ear for almost a week. During the flight my ear started to hurt really bad, after the flight the pain was gone but I couldn’t hear anything with my left ear. And although it is only a cold and I didn’t felt sick at all I was surprised by the impact of the cold on my body.

When you have a cold during your training for a marathon (but also when you don’t train for a marathon) it is good to listen to your body. As mentioned, I didn’t feel sick but I did feel that I had a lower amount of energy to do my training. That’s why I decided to take it easy in the gym being of the week. I did some strength training but I didn’t push my self very hard. On Wednesday I still didn’t feel great so I did a shorter run than I normally do in the morning. After 6 km I felt a bit better and I knew that I made the right decision. But the cold stayed longer than I expected and I decided to go to the gym on Thursday and only trained with my own body weight. I believe it is good to exercise during a cold as long as you take it easy. Friday I did feel better but during my morning run I decided to stop after 6 km. This all resulted in much more energy during the weekend.

I believe runners should take a cold serious, but even more important, they need to listen to their body. I was able to run 25 km on Sunday without any issues. This is because I listened to my body and didn’t push my self too hard. I also believe that eating the right food makes a huge difference in energy levels and recovery. That’s why I had a glass with hot water, lemon juice, apple vinegar, ginger and manuka honey every morning. I always eat healthy but this week I focused on vegetables and fruit even more. I also believe that being hungry doesn’t help you to recover. Runners in general shouldn’t be on a diet.

And the last thing I did this week was sleeping. I slept a lot. Sleeping is extremely important for runners but especially when you have a cold. Read a book before you go to bed to relax, clear your head and make as much hours of sleep as possible 😉

I’m ready for a new week! The coming week I will start running longer distances during the week in the evenings which is something I normally don’t do. And next week I will be in London!

With love, from Dublin.. 

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