Training tips for stage 2 of the Social Selling journey

Becoming a successful Social Seller is a journey. I believe every successful Social Seller goes through 4 stages to become a Social Seller. I wrote about those 4 stages in the blogpost: The 4 stages of becoming a Social Seller.  For every stage different type of training is needed and for every stage a different focus is needed. In my blog post about: training tips for stage 1 in the Social Selling journey you can read about stage 1. In this blog post I will focus on stage 2 of the Social Selling journey: Building the foundation of Social Selling.

Stage 2, building the foundation of Social Selling

In stage 2 the people you train are aware of the concept of Social Selling and they see and understand the value. This is the phase where they’ve looked at their own Social Media profiles and they’ve spend some time improving their profiles. You will see that this is the stage where they become aware of number of followers that colleagues have but also how other profiles look compared to their own profiles. Creating and optimizing Social Media profiles that are customer centric or goal specific are the most important activities during this phase. People are very aware of what they want to achieve with their Social Media profiles and this is the phase to prepare for the real Social Selling activities. Content is a second very important area. Part of building the foundation means understanding what good content is to share and knowing where to find relevant and interesting content.

Key focus area’s 

One area to focus on as a trainer is to give people feedback on their Social Media profiles. Make sure you check if the profiles add value to the profile visitors, that the profiles are relevant and that they don’t look like resume. People in this stage benefit from your feedback. They are very keen on getting good profiles and these sessions are really the foundation of Social Selling. Make sure you spend enough time on reviewing profiles before you move on. Content is another key focus area. You will experience that people in this phase start to “see” good content in their own feed. This will results in questions like, where can I find good content, can I share all content that I find online and how much content do I need to share. Make sure you have a Social Selling content strategy ready. This will help you and the people you train to be more successful. I prefer to use the 4-1-1 rule. Keep in mind that this is something completely new for a lot of people so you should not only explain what type of content to share but also how and when. If your company uses Social Media content platforms make sure you explain these in this stage as well. The more specific you are about content to easier it is for people to start sharing content.

Type of training

I like to do these sessions face-to-face or via video call. You could do this session via phone but it will be difficult to explain (without showing) what good content it. In this stage people are very open to learn and very interested. Just this opportunity to create the perfect profile but also to get people started with sharing content. This means you need to have some company and none- company content ready that people can use in the first weeks. I really enjoy these sessions because people are very open for your ideas and information.

Extra tips

Don’t overdo in this stage. As mentioned before, people are very enthusiastic and that is good, but make sure you don’t give people too much work. Too much work often leads to less good quality profiles but it also gives people the feeling that Social Selling is a lot of work. Try to stay focused on customer centric profiles and high quality content. And make sure people get the change to ask a lot of questions. The more they learn from you in this stage the better Social Seller they will become!

With love, from Dublin..

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