Are you a professional? This is how you can be successful with Social Selling in 2017

For me 2017 is the year of Social Selling. More than ever before will Social Media be important for professionals, sales professionals and businesses. But why is Social Selling so important in 2017? Well, think about your own behavior on Social Media. How much time do you spend on Social Media? (Yes be honest!) And how much content do you read on Social Media? Social Media is now known as a place for community, information and news. This means that the person you want to work with, do business with or maybe want to meet, is active on Social Media. Is doesn’t matter what you want to achieve as a professional; a new job, close a deal or get a promotion, Social Media is the place to be! This is how Social Selling is going to help you in 2017!

Consistency in sharing content

Content is still very important in 2017. Video content will be the number 1 content source! Keep this is mind when you select your content. But sharing content is not enough. Consistency is key for success. More and more content is available, this means it will be more difficult to stand out. Your content will compete with other content from family, friends, competitors and other professionals. This means your content needs to be relevant but more important, your content needs to be there. Make sure you are consistent, scheduling content will help you to achieve this. Scheduling content is perfectly fine as long as you don’t forget to interact with people and you share some “live” content as well.

Build your personal brand

Yes in 2017 will your personal brand help you to be successful with Social Selling. Make sure you spend time on building your brand. Complete profiles are no longer enough. Interact in communities and groups by sharing knowledge. Make sure you give more than you take. I do believe that speaking with people on Social Media is the only way to get results in 2017. People don’t accept broadcasting anymore, they look for a more personal approach.

Start blogging or vlogging

It is time to start creating your own content! Of course, sharing relevant content will help you to be successful with Social Selling but creating your own, unique content will help you even more. In 2017 there is still enough space to stand out with your own content. But I do believe that the more people start to write or create content the harder it will be the stand out. That’s why it is better to start today than to start tomorrow. Creating your own content helps people to understand your opinion, to see you as a though leader and to learn from you. Maybe, creating video content goes a bit to far for you but writing content can be a good first step!

Believe in yourself

A lot of people think they are not interesting or knowledgeable to be active on Social Media. They think, they might share the wrong content and they are afraid to position themselves as a though leader. Stop thinking this way! Your are good at your job, you know your stuff and people can learn from you. Believe in yourself, don’t be afraid to stand out! The first time might be a bit difficult but the second time will be easier and the third time with be a lot of fun!

Think Social first

What every you do, think Social first. Share what you do on Social Media, connect with people you meet in real life and share content you read on Social Media. Social Media is here to help you, it is an easy and fun way to be more successful, so why ignore it?

With love, from Dublin..

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