Marathon update 2: Training for a marathon is more than running!

Time for marathon update number 2. I just arrived back home from 10 days in the Netherlands. I love to be home during the festive season (well, I always enjoy to go home ;-)) but being home doesn’t mean stop training for a marathon! In the last 10 days I run a lot in the area I used to live. This is great since it is flat, but it also means I can run with my friends. One of my friends has been running for years and every time when I go back home we run at least 1 time together. This time another friend of mine asked me for a run as well. It is some much fun running with friends. But the last 10 days I also realized that training for a marathon is so much more than running..

Meeting up with friends and family means talking about the marathon (which I love!). It is really interesting to hear different opinions and to hear that people have trust in you that you will finish. In my case running this marathon is more than running for a very long time, it also means running for cancer research. This means that talking about the marathon is even more special. I’m really surprised by the positive and motivational words from family and friends. I never expected this! But also people who are less close to me reach out to me to wish me luck or to ask me questions. This motivates me to continue running but also to continue running with a big smile!

Training for a marathon also means be hungry! The first day in the Netherlands I decided to run a 18km run. But the day before I didn’t eat enough because of some delays on our flight. Not eating enough has a big impact on the training. I felt very empty during the run but also after the run. Lucky enough there was enough food during Christmas for my 24km run on Wednesday after Christmas ;-). But I’m surprised how important eating before a run is. And not only before a run is eating enough. During my 24km I tested to eat and drink during a run which was new to me. I prefer not to eat any processed food or food with added sugar. This means I don’t use the popular energy gel that a lot of runners use. During this run I tested fig bread (made of fig and nuts) and this worked very well. I have to learn to eat and drink during my runs because it is impossible to finish a marathon without water or food. Thinking and testing different types of food takes time and is an important part of training for the marathon!

Being back in Dublin means I can go to the gym! I believe it is good to continue training in the gym when you train for a marathon. I still do weight training (not with heavy weights). 2 days per week I train my legs, core, back and arms. This will help me to be stronger during the marathon but it will also help me to stay away from inquiries. But a visit to the gym means planning as well. I need to make sure I don’t train my legs before a long run and I don’t want to go to the gym when I’m very sore.

Sleeping, planning, weather, everything has an impact on the marathon but the marathon also has an impact on my life! I experience that the marathon training is always on my mind. I sleep more, I check the weather to plan my runs and I think about food all day long. Training for a marathon is definitely more than running long distances, it is a project that I really enjoy!

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With love, from Dublin..

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