Training tips for stage 1 in the Social Selling journey

In one of my other blogs I wrote about the 4 stages of becoming a Social Seller . I believe very person goes through 4 stages before Social Selling becomes a habit. Every stage is different but very important for Social Selling success. And this means every stage requires a different type of training. When companies decide to roll out Social Selling in their organisation or they want to bring all employees on the same Social Selling level they need to understand that not every employee requires the same type of training and the same information. It is really important to understand where employees are in the Social Selling journey and what type of training they need in this stage. In the coming 4 blogs I will explain the different type of training that can be presented to employees in the different stages of the Social Selling journey.

Stage 1 of the Social Selling journey

In stage 1 Social Selling is very new for people. Those people often have some Social Media profiles but they don’t use their profiles for Social Selling activities. The type of audience that I train a lot are people who have a Twitter profile but never use it, an incomplete LinkedIn profile used as resume or only some activity on Facebook or Instagram. This audience needs to understand why they should use their own profiles for work related activities (this is feedback that I get a lot). It is really important to keep in mind that in this stage people need to be convinced about Social Selling. If they don’t get convinced to start Social Selling the will never get results out of activities. And we all know what happens when you don’t see results..

Key focus areas

There are a couple of key focus areas for stage 1. One of the most important ones is building a personal brand. I believe your personal brand is the foundation of Social Selling. When people understand that Social Selling will help them in their role now but also in the future they are more willing adopt Social Selling. It is good to mention that Social Selling will not only benefit the company they work for but also their own career. This leads to the second key area which is customer centric Social Media profiles. I always start with LinkedIn and Twitter. It is really important to explain how a customer centric profile is going to help and what a customer centric profile is. Make sure you spend enough time on explaining a good profile. It always sounds very easy but it is more difficult than you think. Make sure you have some examples of good profiles so people have an idea of what “good” looks like. The last key focus area is the link to the company they work for. How important is Social Selling for the company and why? If you use Social KPI’s mention them shortly and explain them in a later stage. But make sure you explain the wider story, one or to success stories can help as well.

Type of training

I prefer to do this type of training face to face or via video conference. This training should be very interactive, people should have the opportunity to ask questions but it is also really important to hear their opinions on Social Selling. This is the stage that they need to be convinced, this means people need to get a positive feeling for Social Selling. Make sure everybody has this feeling when they leave the training. I can easily spend a hour on this part of the journey but make sure you book in at least 30 minutes.

Extra tips

Make sure you spend time on the profile picture. If people don’t have a professional picture, you can spend some time on making a good picture with a phone. Show people Social Selling is very hands on, making a profile picture during session shows how easy it can be done. And be very enthusiastic and passioned about Social Selling when you speak to people. You know what they say, people copy other people’s behavior, make sure you use this opportunity!

With love, from Dublin..



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