First marathon update

It is official now, I signed up for the marathon in Utrecht on 19th of March 2017. Very exciting challenge! But I don’t only run because I want to run a marathon. I will also run to collect money for cancer research. It is almost 10 years ago that my father died because of cancer, a very sad disease that still today has an impact on some many people. Running this marathon is to remember my father and to help other people, families and friends that are effected by cancer. My goal is to collect 500 euro for cancer research. People can donate via my Dutch donation page. If you live outside the Netherlands and you want to donate please contact me, I’m sure we find away around this 🙂

But so far my training goes well. I’ve traveled a lot for work the last weeks but I managed to do my long runs on Sunday mornings. I started to run longer distances in the morning. Usually I run 5-6 kilometer in the morning but now I run between 8-9 kilometer. From January on I want to start running even longer runs before work. My Sunday runs are between 23-25 kilometer. I know a lot of people think that this is too long for a training, specially when you do this every week but before I started to train for the marathon I run between 18-21 kilometer on a Sunday so my body is very used to the long distances. I listen to my body, don’t push myself and just really enjoy the long distances. I never run with pain or extremely sore or stiff muscles.

Running long distances can be mentally very heavy. That’s why I decided to run in new areas every Sunday. I’m exploring Dublin and finding new, beautiful areas every time I go for a run. Some runs are almost flat but others, like my run this Sunday are extremely hilly. I believe it is good to train both to make sure my body gets ready. Running in new areas is something I love to do. This means I see new things but I’m also not aware of the distances. And I’m surprised by the new things I see during my runs!

The last two runs I run together with Jean Paul which is a very nice experience as well. Running the first 15 kilometers together is easier than running all by yourself. When you run together you don’t focus too much on the distance and the running itself. This means kilometers are flying by 😉

Next week I will be in the Netherlands for Christmas and New Year. I always enjoy running in the Netherlands because the country is very flat compared to Dublin. During my time in the Netherlands I will run a lot since I don’t have a gym to visit but this will be good for my train. It is important that my body gets used to the distance and a good way to do this is by running multiple days in a row.

After my first blog about the marathon a lot of people reached out to me to give tips and advice on running a marathon. I love this! The more tips the better. I’m not an expert so I love to learn from others! So let me know, have you ever run a marathon?

With love, from Dublin..

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