7 tips for running while you travel for work

The last weeks I’ve traveled a lot for work. I always enjoy traveling but it makes it more difficult to find time to go for a run. Traveling for work often means long days, late dinners and short nights. It also means different locations, where I often don’t know my way around. But the last weeks I managed to stick to my running plan (I even run more!). These are my tips when you travel for work but you want to continue running:

1. Get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning
Yes I know you have shorts nights and it is hard to get out of your bed early in the morning. But what I experienced is, when I get up 30 minutes earlier and run for 30 minutes, I have more energy during the day AND I do my 30 minute training session. To make sure that I do my 30 minute run I set my alarm twice, I make sure my phone is not to close to my bed and I have my running outfit ready. This includes my shoes and socks (!).

2. Limit the amount of alcohol 
Try to limit the amount of alcohol you drink. I know there will be pressure to drink a glass of wine but make sure you stick to one or two glasses. This will help you to have more energy the next day and it will be easier to get up. But it will also help you to enjoy your run and to recover faster from a run.

3. Use the treadmill 
When you stay in a new city and you don’t know your way around use the treadmill. A lot of hotels have a gym and even the most basic gyms have a treadmill. I know the treadmill is very boring but I always watch YouTube video’s when I run on the treadmill. You will see time flies by and you’ve done your run before you know!

4. Find time between your day activities and dinner
When I travel, dinner is often late. This is because people prefer to go back to their hotel rooms to have some time for emails, relaxing etc. This is the perfect moment to go for a run! Two weeks ago I did a run around 6.30pm in Paris and the city was beautiful with all the lights. And it is all about preparation, make sure you have your running outfit ready when you leave your room in the morning so you can change fast when you have a hour before dinner!

5. Run with colleagues
You’ll be surprised by the amount of people that like to run! Ask your colleagues to join for a run. This is not only fun but it also motivates you to do your run. It is even better when your colleagues are locals so they can show you the beautiful parts of the city. And it is a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues a bit better.

6. Plan your runs
Plan your runs, when you plan your runs you are less tempted not to go for a run. When I plan a run on Wednesday morning, I know I can stay in bed a bit longer on Thursday morning, this motivates me to go for a run on Wednesday morning. Very often you know what your days will look like and you can plan around this.

7. Enjoy!
If you are a runner like me there is nothing as exciting as running in new cities! I love to run in cities where I’ve never run before. You are very lucky to see those new cities because of your job so use this opportunity and put on your runners!

With love, from Dublin..


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