Businesses love Social Selling, but what’s in it for Social Sellers?

A lot of businesses start to role out Social Selling. They see and understand the value of Social Selling and how this way of selling can have a big impact on business results. Engaging online with prospects and customers and sharing content via employee profiles sounds like a great new inbound channel for a lot of companies. And although this is true, they seem to forget that they need to convince and enable their employees first before they can benefit from Social Selling success. So what’s in it for the Social Sellers?

Personal branding
One of the biggest benefits of Social Selling is building your online personal brand. Every piece of content you share or write grows your personal brand. Every prospect or customers that you add to your network grows your personal brand. When your personal brand gets stronger it will be easier to get results. And you don’t built a personal brand for your current role, you built a personal brand for your whole professional career. This means you constantly invest in your future.

Promotions or new job
Because of your online personal brand people get to know you. This means they will know your name and expertise. This helps you to get a promotion faster or a new job easier. But Social Selling is more than your personal brand, Social Selling helps you to built relationships. This means it will be easier to get introductions in to new companies. And those new companies can be the dream company you want to work for! Your online network can help you to find and get your dream job easier as well. People can give you tips, insights or feedback. A relevant network is extremely valuable when you apply for a new job or promotion.

Social Selling is a great way to learn and stay on top of industry trends and market innovations. Successful Social Sellers are very well informed about the market they are selling in to. This means you learn a lot during your day job. We all know it is important to keep on learning. But this is not all. Social Sellers get often trained by the company they work for. This means that your company will make sure you are on top of new Social Selling innovations, best ways to send InMails, tips to get more followers etc. This means you keep on developing your Social Selling skills

Successful career
I believe Social Sellers have bigger chance to be successful in their career. Because they deliver better results on a daily basis, they will hit their targets faster and easier. This will make their job easier and more fun. And when somebody enjoys what they do they often become very good at it. A lot of people still think that Social Media is an extra task on top of their daily job but successful Social Sellers understand that Social Selling means more success and better results.

It is very important that businesses inform their (sales) teams about what’s in it for them, to use Social Selling. This will help the adoption of Social Selling. Businesses also need to understand that building a personal brand takes time. But when they invest in personal brands of employees they will see the results coming and the results are often of better quality as well!

With love, from Dublin..

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