I said yes… To a Marathon!

I’ve been a runner for more than 10 years. Running is for me the best way to clean my head and to get inspired for new blog posts! A long distance run on Sunday is my favorite work out of the week. Nothing beats a sunny Sunday morning on running shoes. And after months (maybe years) of thinking about marathons it is time to finally run a marathon. Preparation has started, mindset is good, I will be running the marathon on 19th of March in Utrecht!

In this series of blog posts I will take you with me on my journey to the marathon. I’ve never done this before but lucky enough my boyfriend has. He run two marathons which means that he can give me tips based on his experience. My plan is to share with you my ups and downs (hopefully not too much downs..). But let me first explain why I decided to run a marathon.

When you are a runner yourself you know that having a goal motivates you to train. But not only runners will recognize this, setting a goal in general helps us to preform and achieve. It also helps us to grow as a person and to get better, faster or stronger. The last years I haven’t trained with a specific goal. I’ve spend time in the gym to gain muscles, I trained with a personal trainer to get stronger but in the last 3-4 years I haven’t set myself any specific goals. When I was younger I used to train to be faster for running competitions. I focused mostly on half marathons and 15km runs and my goal was always to get faster. Every second counted. I miss the feeling of training for a goal. Thinking about this while I was running 20km on a Sunday morning I realized I run long distances every week without any problem. And I also realized that running long distances is what I really like. And yes, after a lot of thinking I made my decision, I want to run a marathon!

I’m the type of person who wants to be prepared, that’s why I started my marathon training last month. For me it is really important to feel that my body can handle the distance. In the last weeks I’ve been building up my long distance runs from 20km to 27km by adding 1 kilometer to my run every week. Today I’ve ran 27km which is the longest distanced I’ve ever run and my body feels good!

But running a marathon doesn’t only mean running long distances, it also means eating well. Eating healthy is not a problem for me, I prefer to eat unprocessed food and I haven’t had any added sugar since two years. But I do notice that I’m more hungry than I used to be. This means I eat more often, take healthy snacks and make sure I always finish my meals. In the coming weeks I will share more about my food as well.

And sleeping, I need a lot of sleep! This is not very new to me but I feel my body needs a bit more sleep since I started to run the longer distances. This makes a lot of sense but it is not always possible since I travel a lot for work. And yes, I will write about this as well in the coming weeks!

I’m very excited to start this journey and I love to share my experience with you,

With love, from Dublin..

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