This is why the Social Media channels you want to use for Social Selling don’t really matter.

A lot of people like about LinkedIn when they think about Social Selling. And yes, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for Social Selling. But the fact that you or your company invests in tools like Sales Navigator doesn’t mean that LinkedIn should be the platform for Social Selling. Not because I tell you so but because, we as Social Sellers are no longer in the position to decide which platform we use. Our prospects and customer decide which platform they prefer and we have to understand this and act on it.

When we look at c-level executives we see that a lot of them are not active on LinkedIn. Some of them do have a profile but never log in and other don’t use LinkedIn at all. But we also see that those c-level executives are active on Twitter. What would you do when your prospect is not active on LinkedIn but very active on Twitter? Would you still use LinkedIn because this is the platform for Social Selling or would you use Twitter because you prospect prefers this platform? I think the answer is very simple. The prospect or customer decides based on their own prefers.

But even when you find your prospect or customer on LinkedIn it is important to look at their other profiles as well. Not only to collect information (which is very important) but also to find out what their favorite Social Media channel is. The better you understand you prospect or customers the better you can built relationships. This doesn’t mean that you should send messages Facebook, some platforms are to personal or casual to use for Social Selling but it means that you need to understand how important it is to pick you Social Media channel wisely before you reach out to your prospect or customer.

How do you pick the right Social Media channel?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has a great feature to see if you prospect or customer has post something in the last 30 days. This is a great feature to see if your prospect or customer is active on LinkedIn. A job change on LinkedIn is another great indicator of activity.


On Twitter you can set Account Notifications on specific accounts. Twitter alerts you when this specific account tweets. This helps you to understand when you prospect is active and if your prospect if active on Twitter. But also Instagram and Pinterest can be very valuable to start building relationships. Maybe not straight away with a sales message but when somebody posts on a daily basis you know you will reach your prospect or customer on a channel they love to use!

Today it is really important for Social Sellers to focus on what the prospect or customer wants not what the Social Seller wants. From the moment you start to think in this way you will see more and more opportunities to engage with your prospect on different channels. And during your research you will gather information that you can use during phone calls, face to face meetings AND InMails or emails. When you find out that your prospect loves fishing or running you can use this when you start a conversation and I promise you, your prospect will be much more interested to listen to you!

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One thought on “This is why the Social Media channels you want to use for Social Selling don’t really matter.

  1. Totally agreed – I find too often when asked what do you think Social Selling is, the answer comes using LInkedin! Linkedin has done a good marketign job, but social selling is not a tool, more a methodology of processes that does use tools along the way ! I also suggest adding Twitter lists to your basic social selling toolset of useful approaches. I often train and mentor people on the approaches to Social Selling and how to get the marginal gains that make all the difference – eg how do you get to a C level in a target major account using social where traditional methods fail !

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