4-1-1 rule to share the right content for Social Selling

A lot of companies still think that Social Selling means sharing company content. Companies take campaign content and share this with their sales teams and accept sales to share this content with their followers and connections. Those companies wouldn’t be successful with Social Selling. Followers and connections are not interested to see a lot of company content in their timeline. If they want to see company specific content they will search for it or follow company Social Media handles. That’s why I love to use the 4-1-1 rule.

4-1-1 Rule

This rule means when you share 6 pieces of content (per day, per week, it is up to you how much content you share) you share 4 pieces of 3rd party content related to the market or industry you are selling in to. 1 time share you a piece of content that is company related and 1 piece of content that is personal. This rule helps to built your personal brand. Your personal brand will help you to be successful with Social Selling.

4 times 3rd party content

3rd party content is content that educates and supports your followers and connections. This can be articles with industry trends, white papers about concerns of your prospects or content that explains specific topics. This type of content helps you to position yourself as an industry expert and helps to built trust with your network. When people can learn from you they are more willing to engage with you. When you share highly relevant 3rd party content their is a good chance that your network will review your company content as well because they trust you and see you as an industry expert.

1 time company related content

1 time you share company related content. This can be any content you would like to share but try to find a balance between very sales focused content and none sales focused content. Sales focused content are offers, product reviews etc. No sales related content can be content that is created by the company you work for and educates people. When you sell cloud products this can be content that explains the cloud and links to the products you sell. When you position yourself as an industry expert your followers will trust you and know you share relevant content. Make sure your company content fits in to this.

1 time personal content

If you want to be successful with Social Selling it is very important that you show you are a real human. More and more fake profiles show up. These accounts are automated, examples are accounts that only retweet content or accounts that follow people and unfollow when you don’t follow back. It is really important that you show your really human side on Social Media. People love to connect, learn and buy from people, not from automated accounts. The personal content that you can share depends per channel. For LinkedIn, your personal content needs to be business related. This can be a picture of an event, a meeting, a team activity or maybe you wrote a book or a white paper! But also motivation quotes work very well. Twitter is a bit more casual and means you can share content that is not business related. The only thing you need to keep in mind that the content is customer or prospect facing. This can be a nice sunset, a work out, a nice dinner or holiday picture. Personal content is extremely important to build your personal brand.

As I said before, content is very important to be successful with Social Selling. Try to keep the 4-1-1 rule in mind before you share content and you know you have a good balance in the different types of content. Do you use a similar rule to share content?

With love, from Dublin..

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