Are you Aware of The Power of LinkedIn Groups?

Part of building your personal brand is creating unique content and sharing your content across multiple channels so people can see you content. In the last months I’ve been very active in sharing content across multiple platforms and area’s. As you know sharing content is not enough, interactions are key for success to get your content in front of people. Looking at the different platforms and area’s LinkedIn Groups are more powerful than you might think!

Profile visits

From the moment I started to interact in LinkedIn groups and I started the share my own content in those groups I saw the number of visits on my profile going up. Interesting is the see what happens when a lot of people like and comment on your content in a specific group. The more interactions on your content, the more visitors you get on your profile. When people visit your profile it is easier to connect with them. When I see that interesting people visited my profile I always send them a personalized connection request, which is a great way to start a new relationship!

Connection requests

Not only do I get a lot more visits on my profile, I also get a lot of connection requests from people. And the most interesting part is that the people who want to connect with me very often mention my content in their request! That means my content is sending people to my profile and triggers them to send me a connection request! This sounds to me as a great way to create your own inbound leads.

Website visits

Not only the amount of LinkedIn profile views went up, also the amount of people visiting my website. The traffic doubled in a very short amount of time! I track traffic on my blog and I see that almost 65% of all my visitors come via LinkedIn. I my case getting a lot of visitors and people who read my content is a nice to have, but image when you run your own business. LinkedIn groups are very easy way to driving more traffic to your website or blog.

Get to know people

Maybe the most interesting part about LinkedIn groups is that I meet a lot of interesting people. LinkedIn groups bring people with similar interests together and this means that it is easier to take the next step and set a private message. I’ve been in contact with several people who are interested in similar topics and I’ve had some great discussions and meetings with people. A LinkedIn group is a very safe environment, this means people are more open to have a call, a Skype meeting or even a face to face meeting.

You might think, why is this relevant for me as a Social Seller or business owner? Well, all the examples above are ways to start building relationships. That means when you are active in the right LinkedIn groups and you share the right content you can experience the exact same things as I experienced so far. This means more LinkedIn profile views, an easy way to grow your network with relevant people, better educated prospects because of the visits on your website and meeting interesting people easier and faster. Do I need to say more?! 🙂

With love, from Dublin..

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